Wear Your Tights... Around Your ARMS?

OMG! This hack is genius but also sounds a little strange so put some trust in me. I recommend using a pair of tights with minimal design (like the kind in my video) if your tights have a lot of pattern then it might look a little odd once you wrap the tights around.

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Step one: Put one of your arms through a leg slot on your tights.

Step two: Wrap the other leg around your back

Step three: Pin the fabric on the leg to stay in the front by your shoulder

Step four: Wrap the extra leg fabric around you

Step five: Pin the end of the fabric to your side

That’s it!

Remember if it’s cold outside you can also do this with fleece leggings so it’s a little warmer. And if you do it with tights that are not full length then your sleeve will be shorter.

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