DIY Accessories Upcycled - Reimagined and Repurposed Pieces

Meera Kaneria
by Meera Kaneria
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I love to take ordinary accessories and make them extraordinary. This tutorial will teach you to make basic DIY accessories out of things you probably already own. Repurpose a scarf, reimagine some earrings. This tutorial comes with a brand new twist!

Tools and materials:

  • Purse
  • Scarf
  • Oversized scarf
  • Bobby pin
  • Studded earring
  • Choker
  • Chain
  • Mask
  • Safety pins
Make DIY accessories

Scarf on a purse

The first step is to grab a purse, grab a scarf (I went with a bandana), and tie them together. Twist your scarf until it forms a strip and then slide it onto the handle of your purse. Tie a knot where the purse and strap meet and then finish with a bow. Make sure the scarf you choose is a bright color and can bring out the beauty in the basic bag. 

How to make DIY accessories

Scarf as a top

You may have already seen this super trendy scarf top at stores such as H&M, Zara, and Forever 21. But, here, we are going to recreate it for a fraction of the price. Simply take a large-sized scarf (one big enough to wrap around your chest) and secure it in place with a trusty knot.

DIY accessories tutorial

Earrings as a hairpin

Grab a bobby pin and insert your studded earrings into the edge where the pin loops. Screw in the back of your earring and way to rock your new studded pin in your hair. 

Easy DIY accessories

Choker as a bracelet

Turns out you can easily turn your favorite choker into a fun bracelet. The only thing you need to do is wrap your one layered choker around your wrist twice (so that you have two layers). 

Basic DIY accessories

Chain as a mask chain

Grab a chain and feed it through the ear holders of your mask. Secure the ends. Now, when you separate your ear holders, there should be a double layer of the chain. This will serve as your mask chain, keeping it all in place (with some added bling!). 

Simple DIY accessories

Ring as a pendant

If you have a simple chain and want to make it into a cute, wearable pendant, try doing that with your ring! Feed your ring onto your chain until it reaches the middle. Wrap the necklace around your neck and secure it. Simple and easy!

Safety pin choker

You can elevate your office supplies using a simple, plain, chain choker. Simply, pin a safety pin to the small holes of the choker. Choose how many you want in any size you want. This is the time to really get creative.

Earring as a button

If you have a low-neck dress and are looking for something more creative than a safety pin to hide away that cleavage, consider using a studded earring. Lay one side of the shirt over the other and then stick your earring through both layers like a pin. Secure the back and let your top lay flat. 

I hope you guys enjoyed this tutorial and that you found inspiration for some new uses for your accessories. These simple DIY accessories are some of my favorites and I’m so excited that you guys will get to use them now too! 

Suggested materials:
  • Purse
  • Scarf
  • Oversized scarf
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