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Today I am sharing the best part of my morning skincare routine. This DIY Caffeinated Oil for Skin is incredible and super easy to make!

I shared a little instagram stories (Username alexis.roch) tutorial on how I apply this in the morning, so be sure to click here to watch under the skin highlights!

Caffeine is one of my favorite chemistry molecules for so many reasons, but one of it’s best uses is for skincare!

I will be sharing all the benefits of this DIY caffeinated oil for skin after the recipe!


  • 1 cup coconut oil
  • 3/4 cup coffee grounds (organic is best)
  • Glass jar with secure lid

icon Find details and science on ingredients here.

Directions For Infusing:
  1. In a jar, add the coconut oil and coffee grounds. Shake well and allow to infuse for at least two weeks (you can let it infuse for up to one month). Shake vigorously each day. REMEMBER coconut oil is a solid in cooler temperatures, so if you are making this in the winter or when your house is cooler, it will firm up the coconut oil. Just place it in the sun or a warm area while it steeps for at least two weeks (can infuse for up to a month also) to keep it liquid. You can also pop the glass jar in the microwave (once lid is removed) for a few seconds to loosen oil again. Just make sure to keep an eye on it so it will stay liquid while infusing.
  2. Once the two weeks (up to one month) is over, strain the oil into another container with a cheesecloth or coffee filters. A cheesecloth will be easier to use because you can squeeze the coffee grounds well to get all the oil out. Coffee filters are cheap and easy though, so either way is fine.
When Using Coffee Filters to Strain

Just place a coffee filter over a container and secure with a rubber band. Drain the oil into it slowly, stirring the grounds around. Replace the coffee filter if it starts draining slowly. Picture is below.

If Using a Cheesecloth

Just place the cloth in a bowl, dump out the jar into the cloth, squeeze well until all the oil is strained.

icon This solution lasts for many months (up to one year) and can be used daily! Don't forget to join us on instagram (username alexis.roch) to learn more about skincare routines and tips!

If you want a faster method involving heat, check out the blog post here.


You can click on the blog post link to learn the scientific details on benefits. This solution plumps skin, helps with dark circles, moisturizes, and can even help with cellulite! It is all from the caffeine and coconut oil!

Suggested materials:
  • Organic coconut oil   (amazon)
  • Organic coffee grounds   (online)
  • Glass jar with lid   (online)
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