DIY Coffee Eye Cream: Remedy for Dark Circles and Puffy Eyes

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Suffering from puffy eyes, dark circles or even fine lines? This DIY coffee eye cream may be able to help! Make this homemade eye cream recipe as a remedy for puffy eyes and dark circles. Made with homemade coffee infused oil to help tighten skin and reduce under eye puffiness, this coffee under eye cream can also help reduce the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines associated with aging.

Try This Natural Puffy Eyes Remedy

I had recently purchased and tried 100% Pure Cosmetics’ Organic Coffee Bean Eye Cream made with Arabica Coffee Seed Oil and Green Arabica Coffee Seed Oil and as a result concocted my own coffee bean infused oil for creating my own version of a caffeinated coffee eye cream that would help with those morning dark under eye circles, under eye puffiness and even fine lines.

I strayed from the ingredients in 100% Pure Cosmetics product a bit but I was rather pleased with the results of my own DIY coffee eye cream which creates a smooth, rich cream that smells like delectable coffee. Not only is my DIY coffee eye cream for eye puffiness easy to make, this beauty hack for making a caffeine eye serum also saves you money over time when purchasing ingredients in bulk. 

Coffee Skin Benefits

Coffee has numerous benefits for skin — both infused coffee oil as well as coffee absolute (sometimes referred to as an essential oil.) When used to make a homemade eye cream, both coffee oil and coffee absolute combine to provide the following benefits for skin:

  • Due to its antioxidants, coffee absolute (also sometimes referred to as an essential oil) is anti-aging and photoprotective. Therefore, it may help reduce the visible signs of aging and the appearance of wrinkles.
  • Coffee absolute is a topical analgesic. This makes it useful for those who suffer from arthritis or joint pain and an ideal ingredient for massage therapy as it assists with pain relief.
  • As an anti-inflammatory, this absolute helps to increase blood flow and reduce inflammation. In turn this helps with pain, minimizes under eye puffiness, and can also promote healing.
  • Coffee absolute contains caffeic acid. This naturally occurring acid has antimicrobial properties that help protect the skin against germs and may help to prevent acne.
  • Because the caffeine in coffee improves blood circulation by narrowing the blood vessels, it also reduces the appearance of dark circles under eyes.
  • The caffeine in coffee absolute absorbs water that has accumulated in skin. Therefore, it is able to reduce puffiness under eyes as well as swelling.

How to Make DIY Coffee Eye Cream

It’s easy to make homemade eye cream with coffee oil at home. In fact, this caffeine eye serum is very similar to how to body butter. To make this home remedy, you simply weigh out the ingredients called for in the recipe. Then gently heat them until melted. Once melted, mix everything together and pour into containers for storage. It’s that simple!

I used natural ingredients known for their anti-inflammatory properties like shea butter, select carrier oils, and lavender and chamomile essential oils. While coffee absolute is included for its caffeine content. You’ll also find jojoba oil and naturally anti-aging rosehip seed oil hidden inside my recipe for a DIY coffee eye cream.

These two carrier oils are praised for their skin rejuvenating properties with evidence that they reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. The end product is smooth and creamy coffee eye cream that literally melts right into skin to tighten and soothe inflammation. A little goes a long way.

You can either make this natural coffee eye cream recipe for one large container. Or pour this DIY coffee eye cream cream into smaller sized lip balm pots for gifting and sharing.

If you like my DIY coffee eye cream recipe, you can also use the coffee infused oil you make for this recipe to create my other recipe for homemade coffee lip balm.

Don’t want to make your own? You can buy artisan crafted coffee under eye cream as well as coffee under eye serums here.

Coffee Eye Cream Recipe

This DIY coffee eye cream recipe yields approximately seven 10 mL or 1/3 oz. lip balm pots or will fit into a 2 oz. container or jar.


These are the ingredients necessary to make my caffeine eye serum. If you like, the lavender and chamomile essential oils may be omitted. They are included for their skin soothing and anti-inflammatory properties. However, some folks prefer not use essential oils close to or around their eyes or on their face. The coffee absolute, however, is necessary if you’d like the benefits of the caffeine (or caffeic acid) found in coffee as caffeine is not oil soluble. (The essentials oils comprise of a half percent of the recipe.)

  • .5 oz. Coffee infused oil: Not only is the natural fragrance of coffee energizing, but it also has a number of benefits for skin! This natural ingredient is commonly used to minimize the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, soothe inflammation, swelling and redness. In addition, the fatty acids found in coffee infused oil help to build elastin and collagen. It can also minimize hyperpigmentation and tighten the skin. As such, formulating a homemade eye cream with coffee also helps minimize those unwanted dark circles we all get under our eyes from time to time.
  • .25 oz. Jojoba oil: While this ingredient has the consistency of a carrier oil, it is actually a was. Jojoba is another option that is well suited for every skin type. This ingredient also helps to promote healthy, glowing skin. Not only is it moisturizing, but it also possesses antibacterial properties. Jojoba oil helps to balance oil production (bye-bye greasy eyelids!) soothe sunburn, and smooth fine lines and wrinkles.
  • .25 oz. Rosehip seed oil: Ideal for aging or maturing skin, rosehip is a dry carrier oil that works wonders for skin hydration. Rich in vitamins A and C as well as essential fatty acids that fight aging, this oil also helps reduce the appearance of wrinkles, hyperpigmentation and sun damage. It is also effective at preventing acne and relieving breakouts.
  • .75 oz. Shea butter: This natural, nourishing body butter is well suited for all skin types and is a great skin moisturizer. I recommend using refined shea butter as it has a higher melting point and lacks the distinct odor of its unrefined version. (If your shea butter is grainy, you can learn how to fix grainy shea butter here.)
  • .75 oz. Cocoa butter: This moisturizing body butter is rich in antioxidants like vitamin E in addition to essential fatty acids. It’s a popular ingredient in skin creams, lip balms and other cosmetic applications. Not only does cocoa butter protect against sun damage, but it’s also beneficial for relieving symptoms of dry skin and eczema.
  • 2 drops Lavender essential oil (Optional): This noncomedogenic essential oil is a natural enemy of acne thanks to its antibacterial properties. In addition, this oil balances skin oil production to keep skin moisturized, but not oily. This makes it ideal for dry or eczema prone skin. However, it’s the anti-inflammatory properties that make this ingredient a superstar as a remedy for puffy eyes. Lavender is also soothing to skin and calms redness and burns, promotes healing and fights damage caused by free radicals. These properties make this ingredient an excellent choice for an anti-aging eye cream.
  • 1 drop Chamomile essential oil (Optional): Much like lavender, chamomile essential oil calms skin, promotes healing, and eases inflammation. Additionally, this ingredient is often used to flush toxins from and address acne breakouts for radiant, glowing skin.
  • 5 drops Coffee absolute: This absolute is extracted using a solvent. As caffeic acid (or caffeine) isn’t oil soluble, adding coffee absolute is an easy way to add additional properties to this homemade eye cream to help with puffy eyes and skin inflammation as it improves blood circulation. The caffeine in coffee absolute boosts blood circulation to make your skin glow as well as reduce under eye puffiness.
  • 5 drops Vitamin E oil: Vitamin E is a natural source of antioxidants. Not only is this ingredient nourishing to skin, but the antioxidant properties also help to prevent the other ingredients in this homemade eye cream from going rancid.

How To Make Coffee Infused Oil:

In order to make this homemade eye cream with coffee, you will need to first infuse coffee beans in a carrier oil to make coffee infused oil. Here is how to make a coffee oil infusion:

1. Coarsely ground 3 Tablespoons of whole (unflavored) coffee beans in a coffee grinder.

2. Combine the ground coffee with 4 oz. by weight of olive oil (or other carrier oil of your choice such as sweet almond oil or avocado oil) over low heat for about 30 minutes.

3. After infusing the coffee beans, strain the coffee infused oil through cheesecloth into a glass jar or a glass measuring cup with a spout, such as Pyrex.

You can also use a coffee filter for a more filtered oil, if desired. I didn’t have cheesecloth handy. Therefore, I improvised by taping a coffee filter to the top of a cup. I then poured the coffee and oil into the filter. Once the majority of the oil dripped through I carefully removed the filter and then squeezed the rest of the oil out into the cup.

TIP: If you’ve never made an herbal infusion, you can learn more about how they are made via the Botanical Skin Care Course from The Herbal Academy.

TIP: Should you prefer not to make your own coffee oil for this natural eye cream DIY, you can buy coffee seed oil online from Brambleberry as well as many other soap making suppliers.

Instructions for Making DIY Coffee Eye Cream:

Here is how to make a coffee eye cream for dark circles and wrinkles, as well as puffy under eye:

1. Use a digital scale to weigh out the shea and cocoa butter into a glass Pyrex measuring cup. Heat the ingredients at reduced power in the microwave, or in double boiler, until melted.

2. Once melted, weigh out the coffee infused oil, rosehip seed oil and the jojoba oil. Stir the carrier oils for this homemade coffee eye cream into the melted butters.

3. Next, using a different 3ml Graduated Plastic Transfer Pipette or dropper for each essential oil, measure out and add the chamomile and lavender essential oils and mix into the other ingredients. Follow with the coffee absolute.

4. Then, add several drops of vitamin E, if desired, for its antioxidant properties.

5. Finally, pour the caffeinated concoction into your container(s) of choice.

Notes on Making DIY Eye Cream

Here are some notes and things to consider when making this DIY eye cream:

  • Keep in mind that my DIY coffee eye cream take some time to thicken. I’ve had products like this take a day or two to thicken at room temperature depending on the season. Alternately, it may take up to several hours to thicken fully in the fridge.
  • Also, as I did go back and experiment with various coffee options. Note that using pre-ground coffee beans vs. coffee beans you grind fresh as well as the intensity of the roast — light, medium or dark — will determine the final color of your oil. Pre-ground and darker roasts make a much darker coffee oil than grinding the beans yourself and choosing a light roast. Also, straining with a coffee filter over all other methods produces a much lighter oil with fewer coffee grains sneaking through.
  • Where and when you purchase ingredients also makes a difference. Ingredients sourced from different suppliers will yield slightly varying results. I do not recommend using oils from the grocery store, but rather carrier oils meant specifically for cosmetics and soap making for the best results and a longer shelf life. For quality organic ingredients for recipes such as my DIY coffee eye cream for puffy eyes, I recommend Mountain Rose Herbs.
  • The shelf life of your homemade coffee eye cream will always be the same as the ingredient with the shortest shelf life. However, adding an antioxidant, such as vitamin E oil, can increase shelf life and make the product more shelf stable for a longer period of time.

How to Use Coffee Eye Cream

To use this DIY coffee eye cream, simply apply a small amount of product to freshly cleansed skin, gently massaging into the under eye area. If you are using a homemade beauty serum, the liquid serum should be applied prior to this homemade eye cream.

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I hope you enjoy my recipe for making a homemade coffee eye cream for dark circles and wrinkles. For more DIY beauty projects like this one, be sure to follow my DIY Bath and Body board on Pinterest. You can also follow me on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Or subscribe to Soap Deli News via email for future updates, DIY projects and recipes.

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