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A T-shirt dress is a perfect blend of style and comfort! It’s so easy to just throw it on and look good! This easy to follow tutorial will teach you how to sew your own T-shirt dress and the best part is you can use your favorite T-shirt as the pattern! If you’re ready to start creating the perfect, casualwear dress, follow this step by step tutorial and get started on DIYing the T-shirt dress of your dreams.

Tools and Materials:




Sewing machine


French curve sewing ruler

Fabric scissors

T-shirt dress DIY
Trace the T-shirt

Now that you’re ready to get started on your DIY T-shirt dress the first step is easy! Take your favorite T, and start tracing the front piece onto your paper, using a pencil to make your markings.For this step, I used wrapping paper that I had lying around the house. 

Connect the points
Connect the markings

Now that the front T-shirt piece has been traced, connect the markings you made on the paper. I love using this French curve sewing ruler, especially when I’m working with a neckline, but you can freehand connect the points that are at rounded edges. 

Draw the skirt
Create the skirt pattern

A good tip to help you make the skirt pattern is to use a comfortable skirt you already own! I decided to use my French curve ruler and make the skirt a little wider because I don’t like a tight fit. One of the best things about making T-shirt dresses is that they are so versatile. If you prefer a more fitted look, use a tighter skirt for your pattern! Make sure to leave a half-inch allowance on all sides!

Cut the pattern
Cut out the pattern

Cut out the front piece pattern following the markings you made. Once you have cut this piece repeat the previous steps on the back of the t-shirt and skirt to create a back piece pattern. 

DIY shirt dress
Cut the fabric

Using the patterns you just made, cut out the fabrics for the front and back of the dress. Don’t worry if the two pieces are a little different, it’s a good thing! In your front piece, the neckline will be a little lower and the arms will be deeper. These small differences are going to leave you with a fabulous, professional-looking T-shirt dress!

Cut out the sleeves

While you’re in the business of cutting, make sure to cut out the sleeves as well. This is the one detail that will really make your dress look and feel like a comfy T-shirt!

Make neck ribbing
Cut out neck ribbing

Cut some fabric to create neck ribbing which will leave your dress with an amazing finish! Make sure to cut the fabric a little longer than your neckline. Fold the ribbing in half and pin it at the fold. I chose to use the same color fabric as the rest of my dress but feel free to color contrast with the ribbing or the sleeves to give the dress a little extra something! 

Sew the shoulder seams
Start sewing

Now for the fun part! Place the front piece on top of the back piece and pin the shoulder seams together. Once your pins are in you are ready to start sewing! Make sure to leave an inch and a half of seam allowance. 

Add a sleeve hem
Create a sleeve hem

Slowly but surely you can see your T-shirt dress coming together. In this next step, hem your sleeves! I decided to experiment and serge the raw edges of the sleeves. A good tip is to leave this little detail till after you’ve attached your sleeves to the dress. Serging the raw edges will add a touch of professionalism to your sewing!

Attach the sleeves
Attach the sleeves to the dress

Take your sleeves and begin attaching them to the dress. Start by attaching the side seams and then work your way in. Make sure that your fabrics are facing the same way in this step! 

DIY T-shirt dress tutorial

Once your sleeves have been sewed on, sew the side seams together starting at the underarm and working your way down. 

Sew the neck ribbing
Sew closed the neck ribbing

Once you have sewn the side seams of your dress together, turn your dress right side facing outwards and get a first glimpse of the awesome creation you’ve been working on. To give your T-shirt dress an amazing finish, sew together the neck ribbing you had pinned earlier. Once it’s been sewed, fold it in half. 

DIY shirt dress pattern

Pin the ribbing onto your neckline making sure it’s on the ride side of the fabric and sew it on! If the ribbing seems a little short, stretch it out while you are sewing. The only thing left to do is finish the hemline and your dress is ready! 

Try it on

I am obsessed with how this T-shirt dress turned out! What color fabric would you choose for your DIY dress? Let me know in the comments below! 

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