Hooverette Dress Pattern Review

It’s Costume Season!!! It’s also a time of pandemics and economic poopiness… What’s a girl to do? Time to sew a dress- obviously! But not just any dress. It’s time to make a dress like those worn by women living in another troubled time- the Depression of the 1930s! Will this dress be a costume, clothing, or simply an interesting historical research project? Let’s find out!

I began by researching historical patterns on Etsy! I was very excited to find a pattern for the “Hooverette” house dress, a style I had seen in pictures and magazines adds from the time! I downloaded the pattern, but you can also purchase a paper pattern here.

Lots of printing, taping, pinning, and cutting followed…Next, came lots of sewing…

Next, came lots of sewing…

Check out this video to see the whole process! 

After a little head scratching, a few mistakes, and lots of time sewing, I finally had a dress!

Of course, I had to attempt finger-waved hair and retro makeup! Check out my  finger wave tutorial here and my favorite  historical makeup tutorial here! I’m also really excited by the pocket…

So is this dress a costume or clothing? Since it was actually pretty comfortable, I wore it all day and will definitely wear it again soon!  The costume/clothing mashup is a success! I can’t wait to try more historically-inspired projects this month… Be sure to follow us and our YouTube channel for more projects coming soon! Stay crafty, Everyone! 

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