Easy Eyebrows “Jersey Girl Knows Best”

Jersey Girl Knows Best
by Jersey Girl Knows Best
2 Materials
3 Minutes

I have experimented a lot with my eyebrows. I even went as far as bleaching them with my hair back in the day 😳 Yikes, I know!!! Well these days I use a brown shadow on them and it’s super easy and quick. I think using the shadow makes for a more natural looking brow. Ready?! Let’s do this!

Eeek! These are my eyebrows with no makeup. Don’t look! They look so bare 😩 I love filling in my eyebrows with eyebrow powder.

I start with my angled eye brow brush and start filling in.

Here is the brow fully filled in and Zi think it looks great, but it still needs another step to be finished.

I use an eyebrow brush to lighten up and make the brows look more natural.

Here you can see the difference in my eyebrows. The brow looks so much fuller now. I have tried brow gel and brow pencils and for me They don’t work as well. I really like how the brow brush will take away some of the makeup and make The brows look more natural. I feel it makes it look like I have no makeup on. I hope you enjoyed this tutorial!

Suggested materials:
  • Mascara brush   (Walmart)
  • Angled brow brush   (Walmart)

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