Easy Faux Pig Braids

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I know some of y’all are already in the stores buying up all the Halloween and Fall decor, but over here we are deep in summer and refusing to jump ahead.

In case you are new here… summer is my FAVE!!!!

We have been soaking up all this sunshine and lounging in the pool. Also we had our family vacation in the Smoky Mountains and then we have a short beach trip next month. I’m SOOOOOOO READY!!!!!

Here’s the whole gang at our cabin🫶🏽
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These easy faux pig braids are perfect for those summer days. They look complicated, but they are quite the opposite. This style also looks so cute with a baseball cap!

Start by using dry shampoo or texture spray through your hair and then teasing at your roots to add extra volume.

Now part your hair down the middle and secure the side you aren’t working on with a clip or pony (to get it out of the way). If you are wearing a cap then no need to try for that perfect part.

There are 2 steps to this, twist and the balloon.


Twist your hair until the nape of your neck. With a twist its important to keep your hair tight as you twist down. Take the hair closest to your face and twist over and back. Pick up more hair and again over and back. Repeat this process picking up more hair until you reach the nape. Now secure with a pony, but DO NOT LET GO or the twist will come loose.

Secure with pony and tighten. Go down the twist and loosen up the twist. This is especially great if you have thinner hair because it makes the twist appear fuller.

Balloon Braid

Balloon braids are more of a faux braid. Basically you are adding a pony tail holder every few inches and then loosen each section. Add pony, loosen the hair, add another pony a few inches down, loosen the hair. Repeat the process until the end.

Throw on a baseball cap and now your ready for the pool, the lake, or a float trip!!

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