Easy Faux Dutch Braid Tutorial

by Laineymariebeauty
3 Materials
5 Minutes

If you can’t do a Dutch braid, this half-up half-down, faux Dutch braid hairstyle is the perfect alternative!

With a little practice, you’ll be able to achieve this look in a matter of minutes. Follow along to see how to create this faux Dutch braid look.

Tools and materials:

  • Comb
  • 1 ponytail holder
  • 1 clear hair elastic
Regular Dutch braid

Here’s what a regular Dutch braid would look like, and it can be tricky to do on yourself.

1. Part your hair

Start by parting your hair with a triangle part. It’s helpful to use a comb with a pointed end. 

Parting hair

2. Braid the hair in front of the part

Next, braid a regular, 3 strand braid with the hair in front of the part. Make sure to cross the sections tightly.


Then, secure the end of the braid with a clear hair elastic.

Securing end

3. Make a half ponytail and a hole in your braid

Put the rest of your hair half up using a regular ponytail holder. Then, make a hole at the end of your braid.

Threading ponytail

4. Thread the ponytail through the hole

Lastly, put your half ponytail through the hole that you made at the end of the braid. 

Threading hair

Here’s the final look. As you can see, I made a high half ponytail. 

Faux Dutch braid

Here’s a view from the top:

Faux Dutch braid

Faux Dutch braid 

I hope you enjoyed this faux Dutch braid tutorial! This half-up look is so doable that it can become a part of your regular hairstyle repertoire.

If you’re looking for more hair inspiration, try this Cute and Easy Braid Hack.

Suggested materials:
  • Comb
  • 1 ponytail holder
  • 1 clear hair elastic

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