Hair Hack: How to Add Volume to Hair. Yes, Even Really Fine Hair

Lena Davydova
by Lena Davydova
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Every girl with fine hair wonders how to add volume to hair with the best volumizing products. There are some unique tricks on how to volumize fine hair. In this tutorial, I will be showing you my personal volumizing hair hack.

Tools and materials:

  • Brush
  • Hair primer
  • Comb
  • Crimping tool
  • Hair oil
  • Hairdryer
  • Hair spray
  • Makeup brush
How to add volume to hair

If you’re struggling (like me) to give your hair some much-needed volume, keep on scrolling! 

Start with clean hair

1. Wash your hair

Before anything, wash your hair and make sure it’s semi-dry. 

Best volumizing products

2. Apply a hair primer

Apply a hair primer product to your hair. This helps reduce drying time and protects your hair from split ends. If you use heat on your hair, this is a must! I’m using this tried and tested Gisou primer.

Applying hair primer

Squeeze a small portion onto your hands, distribute the product evenly on your fingers, then run it through your hair. 

Tangle Teezer brush

3. Carefully brush your hair

While your hair is still a bit wet, carefully brush your hair. I use a Tangle Teezer brush, as I find it’s gentler and doesn't pull my hair while brushing. 

Drying hair with a hairdryer

4. Dry your hair

You can either let your hair air dry (if you have time) or if you really need to speed up the process, go ahead and use a hairdryer. 

Hair crimper

5. Use a hair crimper

Now, this is where the magic starts! To add volume to fine hair, use a…. hair crimper! That’s right! 

Separating layers of hair

To make this look as natural as possible, basically separate the top layer of your hair and start working the layers underneath. 

Add volume to fine hair

Start from the back, working your way around. Crimp your hair from the roots. Do this inch by inch. 

Crimp to add volume to hair

Then, work your way down until you reach the middle length of your hair. 

How to add volume to hair with a hair crimper

You’ll already be able to see a huge difference after you’ve crimped on one side of your hair. 

Crimp hair at the roots to volumize fine hair

Now, repeat the process on the other side. 

Brush hair after crimping

7. Brush your hair again

Once the crimping process is complete, brush your hair. 

Hair oil for shine

8. Apply some hair oil

Add some oil to add extra shine and make your hair look even more lustrous. Here, I am using the Gisou honey-infused hair oil

Applying hair oil to the ends of hair

A small amount really goes a long way. Pay attention to the ends and gently dab your roots after. 

Spraying hair spray onto a makeup brush

9. Apply hair spray with a brush

Here’s the final touch, a little hair spray! Spray the hairspray onto a big makeup brush. Then, gently stroke the brush onto your hair and hairline to remove the extra “fuzz.”

Appling hair spray with a makeup brush

This little trick definitely gives you a sleek look! 

How to add volume to fine hair

So, that’s it! Can you see an amazing difference? Just a few simple tricks and you have yourself volumized hair!

You don’t need to buy hundreds of expensive products to add volume to hair. Just set 20 minutes aside from your hair care routine to add volume to fine hair in no time!

Thanks for tuning in, and happy volumizing! 

Suggested materials:
  • Brush
  • Hair primer
  • Comb
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    What is a hair primer? Do I need to go to a beauty supply store to buy it?

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    You look like you’ve just made your photo bigger - so in effect your heads bigger your face is bigger = your hair looks bigger..