3 Holiday Look Ideas

Sarah Lux Chronicles
by Sarah Lux Chronicles

With the Thanksgiving holiday right around the corner, we are all looking for looks that are going to accommodate our food babies.... lol!

Ok maybe not, but there is definitely a market for someone looking for an OOTD that will keep us comfortable and not restrained while our food comas start to kick in.

Believe me, being 38 weeks pregnant, I can attest to the fact that a little extra room for the belly is a must!

Here are 3-holiday looks that are easily replicated with things you might have in your closet!

We go Formal. I know prarie dresses are always a hit or miss, but the florals take the cake! Plus the room it provides is exceptional! This one has the color and the small florals enough to pull off... and the room is enough for that whole pumpkin pie Ha!

We go semi-formal. Still dressed but leggings are definitely still on the menu. I paired it together with an oversized poncho-style top with leggings and boots, oh, and a hat!

I always try to put my top pick first, and this one takes the cake... or pie, whichever you prefer!

We go casual. A big tradition of ours is going to look at drive-thru light after our feast. So staying casual is always a top priority for me. Not only that but I love a good flannel piece that brings in the Christmas spirit!

Which look are you going for this year?

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