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I was that kid with freckles...dancing across the bridge of my nose and on my checks. As I got older...the freckles faded and then...ugh...brown spots morphed and appeared on my checks. Sun exposure...days of living at the beach was to blame.

I worked with all the fancy/expensive creams and natural products (lemons) to lighten, soften, and hopefully remove the brown spots...and wearing sunscreen every day to keep any additional sun off my skin. It all sort of worked. But the dancing freckles were long gone. And I was looking/feeling a bit old and tired.

The BEFORE. Some softening of brown spots on the cheeks...but very few freckles.

Then I tried Freckle Pens!

Even the name - Freckle Pen - made me chuckle!

But I was intrigued and wanted to try...

Freckle Pens...come in 4 colors...light brown, coffee, chestnut, and dark brown. For my skin tone, I went with light brown and coffee.

Freckle Pens...set of 2 (light and a bit darker) for under $10.

Amazon LINK.

Once applied to the skin, the freckles are waterproof.

The freckle pens are so easy to putting tiny dabs of a felt-tip marker on your face...

Holding the pen like a marker, with a soft touch, simply dab on the freckles where you please...application can be as light or as heavy as you want.

At first, I was very apprehensive...and felt a bit goofy for even trying...but the results are rather amazing!

The application of freckles takes seconds to do...

First I applied my day cream with sunscreen, then the freckles...No make up.

The freckles last all day - you look sun-kissed without any of the harsh sun effects...

The freckles look natural indoor harsh overhead florescent lighting...

And perfect in outside natural sunlight...

Freckle Pens have not irritated my very sensitive skin...which is quite amazing.

The AFTER: Freckles are sassy, and just plain fun!

For All the Magic - Jeanne of Doodle T and Me!

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