DIY Neon-Trimmed Purses

I have a MAJOR obsession with the neon + neutral trend, especially pops of neon on neutral purses. While I was in NYC a few weeks ago, I noticed these bags in the windows of Marc Jacobs and Joe Fresh and wanted to rip those suckers off those boney mannequins and make a run for it. However, I have a habit of changing my purse with the season (sometimes in between) and as a result, I can't bring myself to spend over $20 on a bag. So, over the weekend I took matters into my own hands and satisfied my neon + neutral lusts by picking up a couple of plain purses from Goodwill ($1.99 each!), and giving them a major upgrade.

Guys, this was EASY, it cost hardly anything (well under $10 to make both), and I am obsessed with the results. Here's what I did:

What you need:

Neon craft paint

Paint brush

Painter's Tape

Paint Sealant

At Goodwill I picked out purses that had plain pleather trim so that the color would show up well, and they would be easy to paint. Here they are before:

First, I taped the whole purse around the pleather:

Then I painted and painted, a couple of coats on each. After the last coat dried I sprayed the sealant on the bags to protect the paint, let them dry, and that was it!

Could you die? SO. Cute.

You HAVE to try this one. I mean it. If I catch you at Target looking at neon purses I will surely get all up in your business. A cat-fight may ensue. And, although I will probably lose because I am scared of confrontation, at least you will get the idea that I am serious about you making these bags.

Make one! You'll be obsessed, too.


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