How to Apply HTV on an Embellished Leather Fanny Pack

Today we’re sharing a stylish DIY summer fashion tutorial with you! I’m going to show you how to make a sassy leather fanny pack that will keep you feeling cool all summer long using heat transfer vinyl and your Silhouette CAMEO. Let me show you how with this step-by-step tutorial!

Supplies needed to make an Embellished Leather Fanny Pack

Cutting Machine (I use a Silhouette Cameo 3)

Heat Transfer Vinyl (I used mint, peach, golden yellow and teal)

Any cut file (the ones linked here are all free)

Mini Iron

Weeding Hook

Plain Leather Fanny Pack

Teflon Sheet


How to make an Embellished Leather Fanny Pack

Step 1: Load your Cut File into your cutting software (I use Silhouette Studio). Scale design down to your preferred size to fit your fanny pack.

Step 2: Copy and paste the design until you have your preferred amount of cacti that you would like to cut.

Step 3: Load your first color of vinyl into your Silhouette, and click “Send to Silhouette” to cut. Repeat with each of the colors you would like to use.

Step 4: Remove excess vinyl from backing, using a weeding tool, where necessary.

Step 5: Using scissors, cut the cacti to separate them, if you would like to attach them individually.

Step 6: Apply your first cactus to the fanny pack, carrier sheet up. Cover with a teflon sheet and iron with a hot, dry, mini iron. Ironing time can vary, so I like to gently pull up the carrier sheet to check if the vinyl is sticking. When working with real or faux leather you want to be careful not to keep your iron on too long and melt your surface, so checking regularly is really helpful.

Step 7: Once the design is fully adhered, let the design cool for 1-2 minutes, then carefully peel back the carrier sheet. Repeat until the fanny pack is covered in cacti!

This adorable fanny pack is perfect for taking with you on all of your summer adventures and is far less cumbersome than a purse!

Happy making!

xo, Liz

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