How To Make a Macrame Wallet With Rope?

by Ruveyda
55 Minutes

Good day, crafters!

This post is about a macrame wallet project tutorial that will tell you how to make one. This basic, vintage-style diy wallet can be used as a credit card holder. For newcomers, I kept it easy. Basic step-by-step instructions are great if you're new to macrame. As a result, I incorporated every detail, as well as a pattern with images, in my YouTube video. Before you begin executing the task on your own, you should watch the video guide.

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DIY Macramé Wallet Tutorial Video

Supplies and Tools or Materials:

You need this materials to make mini macrame wallet:

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I have a question for you, please write your answer on comments. I can prepare a kit some of my projects. Should i prepare for small wallet too?

To build this minimalist wallet, you'll need to know how to tie a few knots.

If you're new to macrame, it may appear difficult to create good crafts, but it's actually rather simple. You can construct a lot of stunning crafts with just five simple macrame knots. You'll need to know how to tie the following knots to build a minimalist wallet:

  • Lark’s Head Knot
  • Square Knot
  • Double Half Hitch Knot

Rope Lengths

8*250cm (98.4″) beige rope

2*250cm (98.4″) blue rope

1*200cm (78.7″) blue rope

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Prepare materials and cut cords
Tie ropes on your stand
make 10 larks head knot
make 5 square knots
make 4 square knots
make 5 square knots
make 21 lines
make 4 square knot
make 3 square knots
add bead
make 2 square knots below bead
make a square knot at the center
make double half hitch knot
make for other line
make for other side
continue double half hitch with blue ropes
cut the ropes
comb the ropes
sew with blue rope
sew the snap
Handmade mini macrame wallet

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