Can You Use Highlighter on Mature Skin? Yes! Here's How to Do It

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In this makeup tutorial, I’m going to show you how to use highlighter on mature skin.

One of the key concerns that older women have when they apply makeup is that they don’t want it to look overly mask-like and very flat. I’ll show you where to put your highlighter to create a glowing and uplifted look.

I'm using makeup from Look Fabulous Forever, which is specially designed for older skin, but you can replicate the same techniques with your own preferred makeup.

Tools and materials:

  • Hydration serum
  • Face cream
  • Foundation
  • Highlighter
  • Lipstick
Applying skincare with luminosity

1. Prep your face

First of all, you can avoid a flat look by having the kind of skincare that adds luminosity to your skin. I like to use a hydration serum and a face cream.

What I love about the products, besides the fact that they nourish my skin, is that they give me a lovely base that allows my skin to still look like skin and actually have a slight luminosity or shimmer on it.

I’ve then applied foundation on top of that. The effect of those three products is that I do not have that horrible flat look. 

The best highlighter for mature skin

2. Apply highlighter to cheekbones

Highlighters are brilliant. I don’t want you to think of those sort of light patches that some younger people can have when they’re into contouring. I’m talking about something a lot more subtle.

I’m using a contour that has an integrated brush. You push the product down onto the brush by clicking it, and I like to take the excess off on the back of my hand.

Apply it in an arc shape around the eye and cheek area. Just pat it into the skin once you’ve applied it.

The effect of that is that it has just added this lovely lightness on the top of my cheekbones, and that’s going to catch the light.

Can you use highlighter makeup on older skin?

3. Apply highlighter to browbones

I’m also going to put some highlight on my brow bones because I want to create the same effect.

My browbones and my cheekbones are two areas that I want to draw attention to because they are nice parts of your face when it comes to giving your face some shape. This again will subtly catch the light.

How to apply highlighter for over-50 women

4. Apply highlighter to the nose

Another tip is that you can put a line of highlighter along the center of your nose. Not so that you have a shiny nose, but actually, if you just pat it in, it makes your nose look a little bit slimmer.

Tips on using highlighter for older women

5. Apply highlighter around the lips

You can also put a small amount of highlighter around your mouth. You really want to do this before you put your lipstick on.

Putting highlighter around your lips like this helps to make your lipstick look nicer and pop a bit.

Highlighter on mature skin

How to use highlighter on mature skin tutorial

Here we have our completed highlighter makeup look for mature, over-50 skin.

Applying highlighter is about bringing the face to life, creating a greater degree of that lovely luminosity, and getting away from any flat, matte effect, which is quite aging.

I hope you found this tutorial helpful, and if you haven’t used highlighter before as part of your makeup routine, I hope you’ll give it a go!

Suggested materials:
  • Hydration serum
  • Face cream
  • Foundation
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  • Denise Denise on Jan 17, 2022

    What if you’re 58 years old and still a super oily girl? I don’t want to have a flat looking face but feeling greasy is a hard thing to deal with too.