How To Use a Purse Organizer to Make Your Favorite Purse Better.

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For the past 2 years, I’ve used an extremely small purse because I like to be able to open my bag and put my hands on what I need immediately without fail. It gives me anxiety to not be able to find what I need in a big bag especially in a long check out line. Over the past two years, I bought several larger roomer bags but never used them. I bought three purse organizers off of Amazon with the intention of returning two of them. I’ve decided that I like them all but plan on giving one to my daughter and one to my mother. This may be a great gift idea for someone on your list.

This is the purse that I’ve been using for two years.

First lay out everything that will go in the organizer. I like to group them into like items.

You can put the organizer inside your purse for the next step but it is easier for you to see if I leave it out.

Start with biggest items first. This pocket is not as deep as another pocket.

So I will use the deeper pocket for my phone.

I can put several travel size items in one compartment. So I like to keep my hand lotion, hand sanitizer, sunscreen and chapstick in the same compartment. This way when I am driving and need my chapstick, I can feel the lotion bottles immediately and know my chapstick is there too.

I use the middle three compartments for my most used items. In the center compartment, I put gum and a travel size Kleenex pack.

My coin purse / card wallet fits in the final compartment.

The long pockets are perfect for long billfold.

Once your most used important items have homes, drop in the leftovers wherever there is space.

Now I can place it in my bag.

And remove it when I want to change bags just like this…

New bag, no hassle and you know where all your items are because their location is still the same.

This bag with organizer even creates the perfect compartment for my drink too.

If you have large items like makeup bags, hairbrushes and books you will need a different type of organizer.

This one has large compartments perfect for oversized items.

Again easy to add and remove from bags.

Last but not least, I made a hanger for my purse with a carabiner.

I hooked it on my headrest.

You could just hook your purse to the carabiner but I added as s hook for the ease of grabbing and going.

It makes it handy to grab and keeps it from tipping over when I turn a corner.

So, that’s how I use purse organizers. What is your favorite purse tip?

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  • Doreen Kennedy Doreen Kennedy on Jan 09, 2022

    Great tips. I use handbag organizers in larger bags and they really help keep contents organized.

  • Carolina Carolina on Jan 10, 2022

    Great tip! I use an organizer in my purses. Sooo handy when changing purses! The carbineer and S hook great idea.