How to Apply Liquid Lipstick: 5 Pro Makeup Tips You Need to Know

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Liquid lipsticks are the best, but they can be quite tricky to perfect! I’m going to show you how to apply liquid lipstick so you can pull off that lovely, sheen look. So, here are a few tried and tested hacks to wearing liquid lipstick like a pro. Ready? Let’s start!

Tools and materials:

  • Liquid lipstick
  • Matching lipstick
  • Lipbalm
  • Kleenex or wet wipe
  • Lip liner
  • Foundation
  • Beauty blender
Applying liquid lipstick onto dry lips

1. Prep lips first

The first liquid lipstick mistake is applying it over dry and non-prepped lips. This will really enhance the dryness of the lips. 

Exfoliating lips by gently scrubbing them

Always make sure to prep your lips by exfoliating first. Go over your lips with a lip balm, and then gently scrub your lips with a wet wipe. This will really get rid of the dead skin cells. 

Applying lip balm to prep lips

Then, go in once more with your lip balm to moisturize your lips. 

Kissing the back of the hand to get rid of excess

Kiss the back of your hand to get rid of any excess lip balm. 

Applying foundation over lips

Here’s a fun tip: if you have pigmented lips like I do, apply foundation over your lips to cancel out any pigmentation. 

How to use liquid lipstick

Taking this extra step before applying liquid lipstick can go a long way. 

Liquid lipstick with lip liner

2. Use lip liner

The next mistake is not using a lip liner underneath. So, when you try to trace your lips with the liquid lipstick applicator, the lipstick ends up drying in the process, and you get that perfect defined line. 

Lining lips to create a cupid's bow

It’s important to use a lip liner before applying liquid lipstick. Also, create some dimension by applying lip liner to the sides of your lips.

Applying lipstick after lip liner

This not gives off a defined outline but also allows for quick application. 

Defined lips with lip liner

As you can see, my lips are more defined and not messy. 

Applying too much liquid lipstick

3. Don't apply too much at once

The next mistake is applying too much product. I know we want to get that full pigment on our lips, but this is not the way. If you apply too much product, your lips will look very cakey. You don’t want to even think of putting your lips together; otherwise, they’ll look like a mess. 

Removing excess product from the wand

The best way on how to use liquid lipstick is by removing excess product from the wand before application. 

Applying a thin layer of liquid lipstick

Apply a thin layer at a time. Another important tip is to apply another layer of liquid lipstick while it’s still wet; don’t wait for it to dry. This allows for a smoother application without making your lips look too cakey! 

How to fix liquid lipstick

Applying a creamy lipstick in a similar shade

4. Mix lipstick consistencies

To avoid that circle you get at the inner rim of your lips, apply a creamy lipstick of the same shade to the inner rims. 

How to get liquid lipstick to stay on

You should now be good to go! 

How to reapply liquid lipstick

5. Remove lipstick before reapplying

It’s almost impossible to touch up on your liquid lipstick throughout the day. If you apply a fresh layer over the old one, it will look somewhat cakey and cracked. 

Applying lip balm

So, removing and reapply the lipstick as needed is always a good idea. 

Removing lipstick with a wet wipe

Don’t remove it with a kleenex or wet wipe first; first, apply a lip balm, and then remove.

Reapplying liquid lipstick

Then, go ahead and reapply your lipstick to get fresh-looking lips.

How to apply liquid lipstick

How to apply liquid lipstick

So, those are my tips and tricks to applying liquid lipstick perfectly. I hope you enjoyed this tutorial on how to use liquid lipstick. Now, your lips will look lush, shiny, and smooth!

Products used:

  • Lip Balm - Yes to Carrots
  • Lip Liner - Kiko Milano Creamy Colour Comfort Lip Liner in 304
  • Lipstick - Colourpop Matte liquid lipstick in Clueless
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  • Deb norz Deb norz on Jul 05, 2022

    Wanna avoid having dry lips? Buy jar of coconut oil and use before bedtime.

  • Marcy Scott Marcy Scott on Jul 06, 2022

    Great idea! Wipes are easier to carry around, I’ve also used a sugar scrub with coconut oil that works really well! You’re right, two thin coats are better than one thick one. Thanks for the reminder!