How to Dress With a Big Bust: 10 Simple Styling Tricks & Tips

Are you one of many women blessed with a big bust? Then you've definitely grappled with the question of how to dress with a big bust so you don’t appear too top-heavy.

In this style guide, Giedre takes us through 10 tips for the well-endowed woman; tips on cut, fabric, proportions, and more. So, what to wear when you have big boobs will no longer be a frustrating endeavor.

What to wear with a large bust

1. No drop shoulders

Tops that are designed with drop shoulders make your shoulders seem wider and make your bust appear larger. Giedre recommends choosing tops with set-in sleeves. The vertical seams on your shoulders will help make your entire upper body look narrower. 

Tops with a low neckline flatter a large bust

2. Lower neckline

Tops with high necklines create the illusion of your chest being the focal point of your body and can make your breasts appear saggy. To avoid this, choose tops with lower necklines.

These could be v-necks, scoop necks, or boatnecks. All create breaks in the solid color between your chin and chest, which help balance proportions. 

What clothes to wear if you have big bust

3. Add a third piece

If you do choose a top with a high neckline, Giedre recommends adding a third piece to break up the space on your upper body. A piece that creates vertical lines will help flatter your body type.

Avoid spaghetti straps if you have big boobs

4. No spaghetti straps

If your boobs are big and your straps are small, your breasts are going to appear much larger in comparison. Giedre suggests choosing tops with wider straps, or short sleeve tops instead. 

What to wear when you have big boobs

5. Balanced proportions

If you’re top-heavy, choosing heavier bottom pieces, like thigh-high boots, will help balance how your body looks. Here, Giedre chose to switch out her high-necked sweater for a blouse with an open neckline and rolled sleeves to further balance the proportions of her outfit. 

Dividing the chest area balances an outfit

6. Divide the chest area

Baggy tops appear unflattering on large busts because they skim over the breasts and hide the curves of the waist, which makes the wearer appear much larger. To get a more balanced look, choose tops that divide your chest area, either vertically, horizontally, or both.  

Avoid shiny fabrics if you have a large bust

7. No shiny fabrics

Shiny fabrics and structured fabrics can create a bulky effect on women with large busts. Fabrics with a texture somewhere between clingy and flowy are the sweet spot. 

How to dress with big boobs

8. Accessories

As mentioned previously, high-necked, solid-colored tops can make boobs look bigger and saggier than they really are.

Adding accessories is a great way to break up the solid color and draw attention to the right parts of the body. This creates balance and accentuates your curves. 

Dressing to flatter a large bust

9. Flattering bottoms

In this look, Giedre switches out a short, tight pencil skirt for a long, flowy A-line skirt to draw attention downwards. She also added a belt to accentuate her waist, creating a beautiful shape.

How to dress with a big bust

10. Flattering fabrics

Busy fabrics with large prints draw attention to all the wrong places on women with big boobs. Here, Giedre shows how a dress with a smaller print appears much more flattering on this body type. The open neckline and belted waist also help create balance in the outfit.

How to dress with a big bust

Did you find these ideas helpful? Let us know in the comments which of the tips and tricks you’re going to try from this style guide for what to wear when you have big boobs.

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