How to Get a Foxy Eye Makeup Look on Hooded Eyes, Step by Step

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15 Minutes

Don’t think you can’t have foxy-looking eyes just because you have hooded, droopy eyelids. Follow this foxy eye makeup tutorial to learn how to lift your outer eyelids and emphasize the corners of your eyes to get that foxy look for yourself.

Best of all, you probably have all the makeup you need for this foxy eyes technique.

Tools and materials:

  • Bronzer
  • Eyeshadow in lighter and darker bronze shades
  • Mascara
  • Concealer
  • False eyelashes
  • Assorted eye makeup brushes
  • Small makeup sponge
Applying bronzer to the eyelid

1. Start with bronzer

Bronzer is going to help you create a template for this foxy eye makeup technique. Begin by finding the right spot for your bronzer.

With your eyes looking down, identify the line from the outer corner of your eyelid to the outer corner of your eyebrow, and put a dab of bronzer at that point.

Applying bronzer to the eye

Now use a small makeup brush to blend the bronzer down across your eyelid and in between your eyebrow and eyelid crease.

Don’t worry if it drops a bit too low on your eyelid, because you’ll clean that up later with concealer.

You’ll be making an inverted V shape, with the point of the V just below the outer edge of your eyebrow.

How to do foxy eyes

2. Apply eyeshadow

Use a very small, fine makeup brush with eyeshadow almost as an eyeliner.

Apply a shade of shadow darker than your bronzer starting from the outer edge of your lower lashes and moving along the outer edge of your bronzer application. This creates a bit of a wing.

Use your bronzer brush to blend the top of that line upwards.

Fox eye makeup tutorial

Using the same eyeshadow and pencil brush, create a small triangle from one-third of the way in from the outer edge of your eyelash line to your first eyeshadow wing line.

Blend it with your bronzer brush as you did previously.

Applying a lighter eyeshadow to the inner eye

Apply a light shadow to your eyelid from the inner corner of your eye inward and up to your bronzer shadow.

Blending eyeshadow and bronzer

Now, you might just need to play with a darker shade of eyeshadow to better define the outer part of your eye, blending again with the bronzer brush.

Doing fox eye eyeliner with eyeshadow

Apply the same darker eyeshadow to the outer half of your lower eyelash line. That will also help to lift the corners of your droopy eyelids.

Check both eyes as you go, because if one is a bit droopier than the other, you will want to make sure that the angles of the eyeshadow are even.

You may need to bring the eyeshadow a bit higher on one eye than the other.

Creating a fox-like wing

Next, slightly dampen your darker eyeshadow brush and apply a little bit more eyeshadow along the wing line.

Using eyeshadow as eyeliner

Using eyeshadow again like an eyeliner, wet a small, angled eye makeup brush.

With the pointed corner of the brush, apply shadow to the inside corner of your eye, extending the line you made along your upper lashes into the corner, and connecting it to your lower lash line.

Applying concealer along the V line

3. Apply concealer

Clean up the makeup around the outside of your eyes with concealer applied with a very small makeup brush.

Draw a line with the concealer just along the outer edge of the V line and blend it out with a small makeup sponge.

Fox eye eyelashes and eye makeup

4. Add mascara and false eyelashes

Apply mascara to your upper lashes and the outer corners of your lower lashes. Then, apply false eyelashes on the outer part only of your upper eyelashes, to emphasize the outer corners of your eyes.

How to get fox eyes

Foxy eye makeup tutorial for hooded eyes

You can see how my droopy, hooded eyes have been lifted by this foxy eye makeup technique. Try this out for yourself and leave a comment to let me know how your foxy eye makeup turned out.

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Suggested materials:
  • Bronzer
  • Eyeshadow in lighter and darker bronze shades
  • Mascara
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