Easiest Way to Make Hand Sanitizer Vanilla & Tree

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Hello everyone

I like to work in my garden mostly my hands are always dirty.

With the way the world as been I have bought a lot of sanatiza. Who hasn't?

But it makes my hands not feel nice.

Unbeknown to me,

It's so easy to make.

I need no germs for health reasons.

So I use it alot with being busy

My version.

It as helped making my hands feel softer.

Also I can choose the smell I desire.

I will share this with you all.

Below is all you need

*Aloe vera gel

*essential oils of your choice.

*I chose tea tree for added benefits for my hands & vanilla for the aroma

* 99.9 isopropyl alcohol (basically this it what kills germs)

Below my tea tree oil.

Which is another antibacterial.

Tree tea works wonders and wont irritate skin.

I used a old sanatiza bottle. 100ml in size.

Perfect to reuse

Below I add 1/3 aloe vera gel to the bottle

You could use a mixing bowl if making more then one bottle

Below I add 2/3 of alcohol. To the bottle

I add my oils

* tea tree 10 drops

* vanilla 10 drops to the mix

Give it a good mixing throughly like below

Add more oils if desired?

Your consistency should be thin not thick.

Or it will take longer to absorb into the skin making it feel sticky.

Add a little (tiny) bit more alcohol.

mixing again

Test it on your hands you will feel the desired consistency you want to achieve

I'm happy with this batch of hand sanatiza.

Another good tip

It should soak into your hands no longer then 25 seconds leaveing them to dry throughly.

If longer it's no good!

This soaks into the skin within 6 seconds leaveing my hands soft not sticky,

And smelling like vanilla.

I can smell the alcohol but this evaporates and reminds me it a sanatiza after all.

killing germs!

One drop from the bottle covers both my hands

I rub this all over both my hands it's the perfect consistency I wanted and drys fast.

So that's how easy it is to make hand sanatiza.

My hands get moisturised from the essential oils.

And smelling beautiful.

If you have sanatiza bottles save money and make your own.

You could make a bigger batch of this and pass it around family and friends.

Put a bottle in the car or put some in your handbag for a fast solution.

For when you need to wash your hands.

Mine is beside the sink.

It wont last long 😃

The benefits of making your own hand sanatiza is you no exactly what your ingredients are & being natural.

Some sanatiza have fragrance oil in rather then essential oils.

You will notice by how harsh it leaves the skin.

Or some have only half the alcohol that's needed therefore once added with fragrance oil it wont kill germs.

Mybe skin cells on your hands?.

I.e That's why some sanatiza leaves hands feeling very poor and rough.

So after looking into it here we are.

My own hand sanatiza killing all bactria while moisturising at the same time.

Thanks for reading.

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