How to Properly Apply the Foundation

Elan Bongiorno
by Elan Bongiorno

Do you apply your foundation first or last? Should it go directly on your skin or on a brush first? What areas need it the most? These are all questions I hear women have when learning to put on makeup. I'm here with a tutorial on how to apply foundation.

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Don't put your makeup directly on your face. Take your makeup pallet or your hand and put it there first.

Now dab your foundation on your face. Start on the inside of your face because that's where you get all the redness.

Apply your foundation on the middle then tap, tap, tap and spread the foundation to the outside of your face.

When working the makeup out do not swipe or pull the makeup across your face. The best way to apply it is by pushing it in and dabbing the brush. Also make sure to bring the makeup all the way down your neck too.

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  • Connie Connie on Jan 08, 2023

    How do you keep your makeup from getting all over your clothes when you put it on your neck?