Why Does My Concealer Crease? Here's How to Apply Concealer Properly

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I get so many makeup questions, but the most popular one is “Why does my concealer crease?” I decided to dedicate a whole tutorial on how to stop concealer from settling in creases and lines so that your under eyes look smoother.

This concealer for creases tutorial is perfect for ladies with mature skin who have trouble preventing those pesky creases so, if you want some amazing tricks and hacks, page down and learn how to not make your concealer crease under your eyes.

Tools and materials:

  • Concealer
  • Moisturizer 
  • Makeup sponge
  • Translucent powder
  • Brush
How to stop concealer settling in creases

1. Moisturize under your eyes

So, first thing’s first, I want to start by saying that you cannot 100% entirely prevent concealer from settling into your creases.

Those with mature skin should know that anything wrinkly is bound to have crevices with any product that’s applied. As you can see, I have a few fine wrinkles under my eyes. 

Applying moisturizer under eyes

So, it’s best to start by applying your favorite eye cream or moisturizer under your eyes. Gently dab a little and make sure not to pull the skin. Also, when you put on foundation, never apply it under your eyes; adding more product will do more harm than good. 

Applying concealer under eyes

2. Apply concealer

It doesn’t matter which concealer you use; as long as it blends well, then you should be good to go. Apply your favorite concealer under your eye, making sure the whole curve is covered, as shown. 

How to apply concealer to prevent creases

Now, pull your skin ever so slightly, and with a damp makeup sponge, pat and blend in the concealer. The reason why it’s best to pull your skin is that the concealer will settle over your creases and not in between them. 

Tip: Ensure that you dab the sponge onto your skin and not rub it into your skin. 

Dabbing concealer onto the eyelid

Also, dab some remaining concealer on your eyelid as well; it’s a great alternative to eyeshadow primer. 

How to not make your concealer crease

3. Add powder

Now, it’s time to set the concealer with a little translucent powder. 

Applying loose translucent powder under eyes

Load some of your favorite powder on a clean brush, and start applying it a little lower down from your eyelids. 

My concealer creases under my eyes

Stretch your skin a little as you gently dab your brush under your eyes. Add the remaining powder to your eyelids, as well. 

How to apply concealer for creases

Here’s how my eye looks compared to the eye without any makeup or concealer. Can you see the difference? It’s evident that my left eye is covered up pretty nicely and smoothly compared to the right side. 

Tips for preventing concealer from creasing

Bonus tips

  • If you have really dry skin, invest in a hyaluronic hydro powder.
  • If you have a lot of deep, fine lines, moisturize your under-eye area really well and use a thinner concealer.
  • If your foundation has a thinner consistency, then you can apply that right under your eyes with a damp makeup sponge, too. If you go this route, don’t use concealer as it will turn out too cakey. 
  • Go light on the powder. If you add too much, you can spray your face with some moisturizing spray. 
Why does my concealer crease?

Why does my concealer crease?

So here’s the bottom line- while there are a few tips and tricks to smoothen your concealer, so it doesn’t get into the crevices of your wrinkles, there’s no full-proof way to 100% avoid the creases from showing up. 

There’s no magical concealer for creases, but rather, how you apply the concealer makes the difference. I hope you enjoyed my tutorial on how to not make your concealer crease too much under your eyes. Remember to play around and see what works best for you. 

Products used

Suggested materials:
  • Concealer
  • Moisturizer
  • Makeup sponge
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