How to Use Oil on Hair: 4 Big Mistakes to Avoid

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I’m going to share with you how to use oil the right way on your hair, resulting in healthy hair growth. Follow along to find out the 4 mistakes to avoid as well as some hair growth hacks. Let’s begin!

Tools and materials:

  • Oil of choice (see details below)
  • Claw clips
  • Plastic shower cap
  • Hair ties or a satin scrunchie
Pouring oil

Mistake 1: Using the wrong oil

This is not to say that some oils are categorically bad while others are always good. It’s about what type of oil is best for your hair type.

My hair, for example, reacts poorly with coconut oil. This might not be the case for you! My go to carrier oil is avocado oil. Don’t just go with whatever you hear, but try it out and see what works.

If you have fine, thin hair, using a heavy castor oil may cause hydro fatigue that could even leave you with hair damage because it’s just too heavy for you.

Don’t be afraid to try new things and find what works for you.

Mistake 2: Using too much oil

You might have found the perfect oil for your hair, but you’re using too much.

Applying oil to hair

You don’t have to use oil every day, and know that a small portion can go a long way. If your goal is to oil your scalp, make sure you use just enough so that it won’t drip down your hair. 

Believe it or not, using too much oil can cause dryness.

Oil causes the hair to seal moisture into your hair, creating a barrier. This locks moisture in but also makes it difficult for moisture to be absorbed the next time you apply oil.

As a result, you’ll need to use even more shampoo to remove the excess oil, and this will dry out your hair.

Washing hair

Instead, always oil your hair in sections so that you can better control the amount of oil.

Also, the sections will allow you to access all of your scalp so that you can spread the oil evenly without getting confused about where you’ve already applied the oil.

Applying oil to hair

When oiling your hair, you can either use the dropper directly, or warm the oil on your finger pads.

Applying oil to hair

Then massage the oil in, section by section.

Applying oil to hair

Mistake 3: Not leaving the oil on for enough time

I know most people don’t like the feeling of oily hair, but the oils need enough time to do their job.

It will be difficult for the antioxidants and whatever other nutrients to penetrate the hair and scalp if you wash them out too soon.

The minimum amount should be 30 minutes to an hour, preferably under heat, with a plastic cap on.

Hair wrapped in plastic

If you really can’t stand the feeling of the oil on your hair, my best recommendation is to do the oiling process before going to bed, leaving it on all night so that you don’t need to feel it.

If you choose to oil overnight, either tie your hair with a satin scrunchie, or you can braid or twist your hair, depending on your hair style.

The braids will help prevent your hair from being pulled, which can cause breakage.

Hair in braids

Mistake 4: Skipping the scalp massage

The final mistake many people make when oiling their hair is not doing a scalp massage after applying the oil.

Scalp massage

The massage has many benefits, with the first being that it can help remind you not to over apply the oil. During the scalp massage, you end up moving the oil around, so it’s clear that you don’t need to use as much.

The second benefit of the massage is that it helps warm up the oil, and this warmth will help move the oil around.

Thirdly, the scalp massage can help you to evenly distribute the oil if you are being especially careful to use a small amount.

And finally, the massage itself helps stimulate hair growth by making the blood flow to your scalp and opening up the follicles.

A bonus is that the massage can help reduce stress and promote better sleep, which is good for your hair growth and your overall health. 

How to use oil on hair

If, during the scalp massage, you notice excessive shedding, this means you aren’t doing it properly.

Now you know how to properly use oil on your hair for maximum, hair health and growth. Let me know in the comments below which mistake you were guilty of making when oiling your hair.

Suggested materials:
  • Oil of choice
  • Claw clips
  • Plastic shower cap
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