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I recently picked up a cute pair of jeans at the thrift store. Rather than spend money on expensive pairs of boyfriend jeans, I love thrifting men’s jeans to keep up with the trends and save a little bit of money. When I got home I realized that the button on my new jeans was missing so I decided to replace it. Follow my tutorial to check out how I replaced the button.

Fix button on jeans

Tools and materials:

  • Jeans
  • Kitchen towel
  • Button
  • Vice grip 
How to fix a jeans button

Attach the bottom part of the button 

The first thing you need to do is take the back part of your new button and pull it through the small hole where the old button used to be. If the small hole is too stretched out you can use a piece of denim to cover the old hole and make a new one for the new button. 

Place the top part

Replace the button 

Once the back part is through the small hole, you can place the top button on the small back piece sticking through. 

Fix jean button

Now for the tricky part, take your kitchen towel and place it over the button. Then grab the vice grip and make sure the button is straight. Squeeze the vice grip over the button to secure it in place. The kitchen towel just helps protect the button from any dents the vice grip could leave. I always like to practice first with an extra button because my buttons often end up being skew and then I need to redo them. 

Quick fix for button on jeans

With a little practice, replacing a button can be really easy! Would you rather use a vice grip or hammer to replace a button? Let me know in the comments below!  

Suggested materials:
  • Jeans
  • Kitchen towel
  • Button
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