Genius Quick Fix for When You're Missing a Button!!

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Do you have your look of the day all picked out, and then you go to put it on, only to discover a missing button and no tools - needle, thread, or spare button - to fix it?

All you need for a quick fix is an earring.

Best round studs!

If your shirt is missing a button then you'll need one of these earring studs that Amazon reviewers swear by!

Tools and materials:

  • Earring


Earrings that are comparable in size to the buttons on your item of clothing will look the best.

Adding earring to buttonhole

1. Put earring through hole

Poke that earring through the two pieces of fabric right where that button would have been.

Adding earring to buttonhole

2. Attach earring post

Then, attach the earring back to the post that you poked through that fabric.

Missing button hack

Missing button hack

It’s that easy - you’ve fixed your missing button problem, added a little bling, and possibly made your outfit look even better.

I love what this sparkly gold earring brings to this look, and I hope you’ll give this nifty hack a go for yourself next time you find yourself with a button missing.

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Suggested materials:
  • Earring

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