Quilt Star Jean Tutorial

I’ve always loved the look of classic quilts. The time, energy, and precision that it takes to cut and sew each piece, to me it’s like looking at brush strokes. Plus, I find more often than not – every quilt has a story. I mean the American Flag was once a very important quilt – thank you Betsy! Using this idea, I wanted to incorporate that sentimental feeling and classic look onto a pair of upcycled jeans.

This quilted start jean upcycles gives. life to an old pair or thrifted pair of jeans. The best party about this simple, easy tutorial is that it is *no sew*. For this tutorial, I used Beacon’s  Fabri-Tac glue. While the company makes an assort of glues, Fabri-Tac is special because it is made specifically for textiles. I’ve used a lot of “fabric glues” claiming a strong hold, but have been so disappointed. They have left residue (on clothes and myself), fell apart or were firm & sharp when dry. I have found that Beacon created a glue that is flexible, durable, and strong. I made this post with Fabric-Tac glue and fully endorse it for any fabric project! I even loaned the bottle to my mom to fix a pair of jeans that were falling apart – clearly the maker of her jeans needs some Fabri-Tac too !



Iron your fabric and trace the stencil onto the reverse of the fabric. * I used my cricut for this part so the lines would be crisp and even – however, I understand not everyone has one so tracing and cutting works as well*

Cut out 2 full stars of each type of fabric, so you have 16 pieces of each pattern.

On a flat surface, place and smooth the jean so the seam is face up on the working surface (as pictured)

Using  Beacon’s fabri-tac glue, secure the fabric in a pattern that is appealing to you. I randomly assorted the fabrics to create more of a shabby chic look!

Per packaged instructions, allow the glue ample time to dry.

Voila! pairs well with cozy sweaters and flowers.


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