Looking for Summer Bracelet Ideas? These 4 Designs Are Colorful & Cute

by Janel
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I love to fill my wrist with stackable summer bracelets for a cool, fun summer look. Try out these three cute summer bracelets ideas, plus a wrap anklet. This is a chance to let your imagination run free!

Tools and materials:

  • Beads
  • Charms
  • Braiding cord
  • Embroidery string
  • Scissors
  • Tape
How to make cute summer bracelets

Summer bracelet 1

Measure out two long strands of braiding cord. Loop one strand in half to make a loop. Tie the end of one strand around the loop so you end up with three attached strands and a loop on the end. 

Braiding bracelets with beads

Tape the loop of the triple strand down to your work surface to make it easier to work with. Now, make a simple three-stranded braid. After a few turns of the braid, string your beads of choice onto all three strings.

Then, continue braiding, ensuring there is a bead in each braided section before you cross the strand over.

Finishing the summer bracelet

When you get close to the end, do a few simple turns of the braid with no beads.

Inserting the cord ends into button holes

Check that the size of your summer bracelet is correct, and then create a closer with a button. Just feed each strand through a hole in the button and then tie off the strands together. 

Fun summer bracelet ideas

The loop you had made on the starting end of the summer bracelet will now hook around your button!

Making summer friendship bracelets

Summer bracelet 2

Measure several long lengths of braiding cord in different colors. Fold each length back and forth on itself so that each one has multiple strands, with the total length double your wrist circumference.

Tying the braiding cord together

Line up all the folded braiding cord with a loop end together and tie off that end with another piece of braiding cord with a double knot. Make it as tight as you can because this will create the loop that will be part of the bracelet closure.

Tying the braiding cord into a knot

Check the length of the bracelet around your wrist. Tie all the strands at the open end of the bracelet into one big knot at the position where the end of the bracelet should be. 

Summer friendship bracelets

That is the fastener that the loop on the opposite end will hook on to. Trim off the excess cord beyond the knot.

Summer string bracelets

Summer bracelet 3

Measure out four extra-long lengths of embroidery string in different colors. Put them all together and fold them in half to make a loop at one end. Make a knot in the strings at the loop end and tape the loop down on your work surface.

How to make summer string bracelets

Make a large fishtail braid by alternately moving the outside string into the middle.

Cute summer colors for bracelets

When you come near the end of the bracelet length you want, make a knot with the strands. Slide a bead onto the bracelet after the knot and tie another knot below the bead.

You can fasten your summer bracelet by slipping the loop from one end over the bead on the other end.

How to make a summery wrap anklet

Summer wrap anklet

Measure a long length of braiding cord to fit around your ankle as many times as you’d like.

Adding beads to the wrap anklet

Add some beads and charms to each end of the braiding cord and tie off the cord below the beads.

Summer wrap anklet

This is a wrap anklet, so to wear it, simply wrap it around your ankle a few times and pass the dangling ends with the beads through the loop a couple of times to hold it in place.

Summer bracelet ideas

Summer bracelet tutorial

These summer string bracelets are so much fun to make. Head to your favorite craft store to choose cute summer colors for your bracelets and have a great time picking out beads and charms.

Leave a comment to let us know what you came up with for your summer bracelet ideas!

Suggested materials:
  • Beads
  • Charms
  • Braiding cord
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