Easily Make Your Own Christmas Gifts With These Three Jewelry Ideas

Kellie Sutton
by Kellie Sutton
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Is there anything more special than a gorgeous homemade gift for Christmas? Can you ever go wrong with jewelry as a gift? The answer to both those questions is, no. That’s why I put together these three jewelry making kits that will allow you to make gorgeous homemade jewelry for your friends and family. You can find links to all three kits in the video’s description, and keep reading this tutorial for step by steps instructions on how to make these gorgeous pieces!

DIY Christmas jewelry materials

Tools and materials:

  • Headpins
  • Crystal Teardrops
  • Bows
  • White Pearls
  • Crystal Spacers
  • Hex Nuts
  • Earwires
  • Faceted Crystal Ball
  • Silver Wire
  • Bead Cone
  • Swarovski Pearl
  • Crystal Bead Spacer
  • Czech Glass Bead
  • Hex Nut
  • Red Suede
  • Firepolish Beads
  • Headpins
  • 22 Gauge silver wire
  • Faceted green crystals
  • White Glass pearls
  • Crystal spacers
  • 4mm Crystals
  • Earwires
  • Needle nosed pliers
  • Chain nosed pliers
  • Round nose pliers
  • Cutters
DIY Christmas jewelry
Insert the wire

The first thing you’ll need to do is cut down your wire to 6”. Then insert it through the crystal, leaving 2” on one side and the rest of the length on the other side. Then grab the shorter side and pull it up and over and pull the other one across so that they are crossed right on top of the stone’s peak. Be careful not to pull the wire so tight that you might crack the crystal.

DIY jewelry Christmas gifts
Bend the wire

Using your chain nosed pliers, grab the part of the wire where the bend is and bend up. Then straighten out the long side and wrap the shorter side around it a few times. When you’re sure it’s nice and tight, trim off the excess. 

DIY Christmas beaded jewelry
Add the rest of the beads

Grab the bead cap and slide it onto the wire, covering up the part that you wrapped. Then slide on the wings, followed by the pearl, star, and lastly, the spacer.

DIY angel jewelry
Bend the wire over

Grab the wire with your pliers and push down on the beads, while bending the wire. Now grab your round nosed pliers and push the wire up and over, then straight down the side of the pliers. Now open up the pliers, making them parallel to the table, and rotate, leaving you with a circle of wire. Then grab onto the loop with your chain nose pliers and wrap the rest of the wire under the loop, trimming off the excess when you’re done, and tuck the wire down nicely.

Christmas elf jewelry
Add the string

To make it into an ornament, grab your red string and feed it through the loop. Choose your desired length and make a neat knot, then cut off the excess. 

How to make angel jewelry
Make earrings

The next easy gift you can make is a pair of earrings. These are so simple and quick to make. Just grab one of the headpins and slide on one of the crystals, making sure that the point is facing upwards. Then put on one of the bows, followed by a pearl, and a spacer. Lastly, add on the hex nut.

Easy Christmas gifts
Wrap the pin

Take your pliers and push down on the beads. Then use the tip of your plier to make a wrapped loop. Start by pushing away the pin to make a sharp bend. Then switch to your round nosed pliers and go up and over, then down. Open your pliers and rotate them so that they’re parallel to the table and pull the wire straight to the back. You’ll then need to take the tip of the pin with the top of your tool and wrap it around the loop. After a couple of wraps, use the tip of your cutter to trim the excess, then tuck down the wire. 

How to make Christmas gifts
Add the ear wire

Lastly, you’re going to put on the ear wire and tighten it up. You’ll notice that one side of the loop you created is clearly the neater side. So you want to make sure that will be the part that’s facing forward when the earring is in the ear. Once you’ve finished with that, repeat the process with the second earring. 

How to make easy Christmas gifts
Start the next earrings

For the last gift idea, which is another pair of earrings, you’ll also start with a headpin. Grab one of the fire polishes and slide it onto the pin. Then, using the same technique we’ve been using, you’re going to create a small loop above the bead, but don’t wrap it yet. Do this for both earrings. 

Easy gifts for Christmas
Make a wrapped loop with wire

Grab some 22 gauge wire and cut off about 4” of wire. Go down to just over 1” on one end and make a wrapped loop. This time you are going to wrap after creating the loop, then cut off the excess wire and tuck it in. 

Make Christmas gifts
Put on the beads

Take the green crystal and put it onto the wire. Then slide on the pearl, followed by the crown, and the small crystal. You’re then going to create another loop at the top, going in the same direction as the bottom loop. Be careful when wrapping the loop that you’re not damaging the crystal. Then cut off the excess and press it down very gently. 

Make easy Christmas gifts
Connect the wires

Take the pin that you started with and insert it through the top loop, connecting the loops. Then wrap the headpin around just two times so that you don’t risk cracking the bead. Cut off the excess with your cutters and gently push the wire down. Do this for both earrings. Now take your ear wires and connect them to the earrings you’ve created, and you’re done! 

Easy DIY Christmas gifts

There you have it! Each of these is so easy and so quick to make! I love the way the little feet on the Santa-looking ones move when it’s dangling from the ear, and I think the bigger one would make an excellent gift for a teacher or a stocking stuffer. You can also hang it on your car or window, or use it as a Christmas ornament. Really, you can do just about anything with it. So would you do with it? Show me in the comments! 

Suggested materials:
  • Elf earring kit   (https://www.kelliesbeadboutique.com/Elf-Earring-Kit-p/elf-earring-kit.)
  • Ice crystal earring kit   (https://www.kelliesbeadboutique.com/Ice-Crystal-Earring-Kit-p/ice-crys)
  • Christmas angel kit   (https://www.kelliesbeadboutique.com/Christmas-Angel-Kit-p/christmas-an)

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