How to Make Polymer Clay Earrings Inspired by Swan Lake

by MyVian
10 Materials
2 Hours

This tutorial will show you how to make polymer clay earrings inspired by swan lake. It is a fun, relaxing, and creative process, and we can’t wait to show you how these cute polymer clay earrings turn out. So, be prepared to be inspired, and let’s begin!

Tools and materials:

  • Polymer clay of different colors
  • Acrylic roller
  • Slicer
  • Ball stylus
  • Needle
  • Cookie cutters
  • Paper as a working surface
  • Pin
  • Dotting tool
  • Earring kit
Preparing the base of the polymer clay slab

1. Prepare the base

Roll your black polymer clay with an acrylic roller. Alternate sides each time you roll. Do this until your clay flattens like a pancake. 

Tugging the sides to stretch the clay

Once it’s flat, gently tug the sides to stretch it out more. 

Rolling out the slab

Carry on rolling it out and pull at the ends again. Repeat this process until you have a flat and smooth base. 

Rolling the swans into a ball

2. Make the swans

Cut a small piece of white clay and roll it into a ball.

Pressing one end of the ball to make the neck

Gently press one end of the ball and flatten that end between your fingers. Pull the end while rolling it between your fingers to create a small tube. Pull the tube part upward and curl the end. 

How to make swans out of polymer clay

To make the swan’s tail, carefully pinch the rounded part between your fingers. 

Placing the swans on the clay slab

Lay your swan on the black base. Carefully press it down so it doesn't lose its shape. Now, make more swans. Play around with the shapes, like curling the necks. Use a dotting tool to smoothen out any edges. 

Making wings for the swans

3. Make the wings

Roll a small piece of clay into a ball and flatten it between your fingers. Pinch one end to form a wing shape. 

Placing the wings on the swan's body

Place it diagonally on the swan’s main body, ensuring the tip of the wing faces outward. Then, gently press it down. Repeat the process for all the swans. 

Adding detail with a pin

Create indentations in the wings and tail area using a pin. 

Cutting small pieces of clay for the beaks

4. Model the beaks

Cut off a piece of peach-colored clay and roll it into a tube. Roll the end of this tube to create a smaller tube. Cut off the ends and repeat to make a couple of pieces. 

Placing the pieces with a dotting tool

Place these pieces (with the tip pointed out) on each swan using a dotting tool. Using a pin, create an indentation in the middle of the beak. 

Cutting black pieces for the beak base and eyes

5. Add the base and eyes

Roll a piece of black clay until it forms into a thin tube and cut small pieces. 

Adding detail to the swans

Roll each piece into a tiny ball and place it on top of the beak using the dotting tool. 

Placing the eyes

Roll the clay into a long thin rope and cut out the eyes. Then, place on each swan. 

Indenting the middle of the eyes

Indent the middle of each eye. 

Rolling out blue clay for the water ripples

6. Make the water effect

Roll a pastel blue clay into a long thin tube. 

Placing the water ripples under the swans

Place under each swan and feather it out with a dotting tool. The pieces should not be straight but have slight curves, just like a ripple effect. 

How to make a polymer clay slab

Place another piece under the first and repeat. Add as many various-sized pieces as needed under and around the swans. 

Shaping the lilypads

7. Model the lillies

Roll green moss-colored clay into a tube and cut out the pieces. Shape each piece into a ball. Then, flatten it between your fingers. 

Cutting out a small triangle for the lilypads

With your blade, cut out a small triangular piece. 

Placing the lilypads

Place the leaves in between the ripples. Repeat the same but with a lighter shade of green. 

DIY Swan Lake polymer clay slab

To make the lilies, roll a soft pink clay into a thin tube and cut the feathered-out edges as you roll it out. 

Placing lily petals on the lilypads

Place each petal on the leaf and press down the center. Layer the petals together to create a 3D effect. Then, make lines on each petal with a pin. 

Polymer clay jewelry making

Repeat this process until you have something like this. I used a beautiful bright purple color, too. 

Adding ripples in turquoise clay

8. Add more ripples

Roll turquoise clay into thin tubes with the ends feathered out. 

Placing the ripples on the scene

Place it around the ripples using the same water effect technique. Place shorter, pearl light blue pieces in between the ripples. 

Cutting green clay for the lianas

9. Model the lianas

Roll a dark green piece of clay into a thin tube and cut. 

Placing the lianas between the swans

Carefully place each piece in between the swans.

Modeling the lianas on the slab

Repeat the process using a darker shade of green. You want the pieces to look wispy and whimsical. 

Making the liana flowers

Next, roll a dark purple clay into a thin tube and cut even pieces. Then, roll each piece is a ball. 

Placing flowers on the hanging lianas

Beautiful Swan Lake polymer clay slab

Place each piece on the stalk, as shown. Add a small indentation to the middle of each. 

How to make a pretty polymer clay slab

Repeat this method with a light yellow clay and place each piece throughout the creation. 

Cutting out the pieces for the earrings

Polymer clay earring ideas

10. Cut the clay

Let’s make the DIY polymer clay earrings using a round cutter. Also, make smaller circles and then bake accordingly. 

How to make polymer clay earrings inspired by Swan Lake

How to make polymer clay earrings inspired by Swan Lake

I hope you found some great inspiration in this tutorial. Thank you for joining us and we hope you have a cute polymer clay earring idea for your next project! 

Suggested materials:
  • Polymer clay of different colors
  • Acrylic roller
  • Slicer
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