Make Your Own Stunning Seed Bead Earrings in a Few Simple Steps

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Hey fellow jewelers! I’m going to show you how to make chevron seed bead earrings. I have seen these beauties on Pinterest and I had to make a pair of these fun seed bead earrings for myself. It does require some time (and patience), but the result is so worth it! I love the color contrasts and the intricate design. If you want to make seed bead earrings, then this is the tutorial for you! Let’s get to it!

Tools and materials:

  • Round nose plier
  • Longnose plier
  • 20 headpins
  • 4 chains
  • 2 shepherd hooks
  • Seed beads
Seed bead earring patterns

Bead each headpin

Let’s start beading each headpin. Follow the exact pattern; start with 4 blue, followed by 4 purple beads, and 4 pink beads. This pattern will stay consistent for all the headpins and will not change.

How to make seed bead earrings

The only color bead that does not stay consistent is the teal color. So for the 2 outer beads, you will need 2 teal beads, the second outer headpin will need 4, after those, the next two will need 6 teal beads on each pin, then 8 teal beads, and the center headpin will have 10.


Not all seed beads are the same size. So it can turn out wonky on one piece. Be careful when making a pair of earrings that you use the same seed beads from the same box to prevent this from happening.

Chevron seed bead earrings

Cut the wire ends

Once you have beaded your beads according to the pattern, cut part of the wire off. Don’t cut off too much, though. Leave some wire as you will need to make a loop.

Easy seed bead earrings

Make your loop

Once you have cut your excess wire, take your round nose plier and carefully make a tiny loop. To do this, put the end of the wire in between the tips of the pliers, and slowly curve it all the way around so that you form a little, neat loop.

When the loop is in place, use your long nose pliers to close the loop’s gap so that it’s completely closed.


Make sure your loops are small and are the same size as every headpin. If they are formed in different sizes, it will defeat the purpose of having a tapered look on the seed bead earring itself.

Seed bead earrings pattern

Repeat the process

Now that you have made one headpin and you are into the groove of things, go ahead and make the rest. Remember that the teal beads will have a different amount of beads for each. You should have 9 completed headpins in total ( for each seed bead earring).

How to make chevron earrings

Add everything to the main headpin

Put each loop through one headpin. Here you will need to make a fun little order; add a teal bead between each loop so that it's spaced out. Start with a teal seed bead and work your way the order until you have added each loop. When you have added your last head pin, finish it off with a teal bead, so that you have a teal bead on both sides of the main headpin.

Loop earring wire

Make another loop

Now that you are done, finish off by making two loops on either side of the main headpin. Don’t cut it- just loop it. Use your round nose plier and carefully loop a tiny, neat loop on the end.

Finish the second loop

Push your headpins to the side where you just made a loop, cut the other end a little and make another small loop on that end. Make sure there are no gaps and that your dangling headpins don’t swim around on the main pin holder.


If both your loops are not aligned, simply use your pliers and twist them so that the loops are facing up.

Add chains to chevron earring

Add chains

I already love how it’s starting to look! It’s time to add the chains. Do this by slightly opening your loop and looping the last link of the chain. Close the loop with your long nose pliers to ensure there are no gaps.

Repeat the process

Repeat the process on the other side, and you should have two lovely little chains on each end of your main hairpin.

Complete with shepherd’s hook

Add your shepherd’s hook

Good news- you are almost there! So let’s add the cherry on top; the shepherd's hook. Simply open the loop on the hook with a plier and add the last link of one of the chains. 

Close the loop

Next, do the same with the other chain, put the last link through the loop, too. Close up the loop with your pliers, making sure there are no gaps for the chain to escape.

Stunning seed bead earrings

There you have a beautiful pair of chevron seed bead earrings. Would you look at that! These are so cute, I feel like making a dozen of these in all different colors! Now that you’ve learned how to make stunning chevron seed bead earrings from scratch, go out and flaunt them to the world! Well done!

Suggested materials:
  • Round nose plier
  • Longenose plier
  • Headpins
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