3 DIY Rhinestone & Feather Choker Necklaces That Look Super Cute

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Today, I’ll be teaching you how to make your very own rhinestone chokers. I’ve created three different styles that are great for the holiday season or just for your day-to-day style, including a feather choker. Want to know how to make your very own DIY choker? Keep reading!

Tools and materials:

  • Crystal panel
  • Ribbon
  • Scissors
  • Glue
  • Fastener clasps
  • Jump rings
  • Extension chains
  • Lobster clasp
  • Measuring tape
  • Pliers
  • Rhinestone trim
  • Feather trim
  • Wrapping wire

DIY crystal panel choker

Cutting the crystal panel and ribbon

1. Cut crystal panel and ribbon to the desired length

First, cut the crystal panel to the desired length. In most cases, this is going to be somewhere between 11-12 inches for the average neck size. Then, cut the ribbon to follow, but cut the ribbon just a little bit longer.

Gluing the crystal panel to the ribbon

2. Apply glue to the crystal panel

Next, apply glue to the crystal panel. Try not to add too much glue because you don’t want it to seep through the ribbon.

Attaching the ribbon to the panel

3. Apply the ribbon to the panel

Apply the ribbon to the glue and crystal panel. Once it’s glued, add more glue as necessary. It can get a bit messy, so just be careful and try to make it as neat as possible. Take your time.

Adding fastener clasps to the choker

4. Attach fastener clasps

Next, I attached a 1-inch fastener clasp to both sides of the choker. 

Attaching jump rings and extension chains

5. Attach jump ring and extension chain to clasp

Cut enough for the extension chain which is usually about two inches. Then, attach a large jump ring to the extension chain and hook it onto the fastener clasp. 

Attaching a hook and lobster clasp

Then, attach the small ring to the hook and lobster clasp to the other side.

DIY crystal panel choker

Once you connect the large ring to the clasp at the other end, you’re done. 

DIY choker necklace

Here’s the finished DIY rhinestone choker! 

DIY feather choker

Cutting ribbon to the desired length

1. Cut ribbon

Cut your ribbon to the desired length again.

Applying a rhinestone trim to the edges

2. Apply rhinestone trim

Apply the rhinestone trim along the edges using your glue.

Attaching closures to the ends

3. Add closures

Add closures in the same exact way as you did in the first choker.

Gluing feathers to the choker

4. Attach feather trim to choker

Cut the feather trim to match the size of the choker. Add glue to the bottom of each side, just the edges because this glue can be very messy. 

Making a feather choker

Then, attach the feathers to the choker and cut off any excess.

DIY feather choker

Here’s the finished feather choker! This choker was definitely cute before the feathers as well and you can totally leave it like that if you prefer.

DIY rhinestone choker

Cutting the rhinestone trim

1. Cut rhinestone trim

Cut your rhinestone trim to the desired length, which is about 12 inches, as always.

Adding jump rings and extensions clasps

2. Add jump ring and extension chain

Then, I added a large jump ring and extension chain.

Reinforcing the jump ring

3. (Optional) Reinforce the jump ring

This is optional, but I completely reinforced the jump ring using wrapping wire for this particular trim. I don’t want the jump ring moving around, so I used the wrapping wire to keep the jump ring in place.

Adding closures and wire

4. Add additional closures and wire to the bottom portion

I added another set of hooks and chains to the other side of the choker.

Since this is a heavier choker than most, you want to make sure it’s going to feel secure and tight around your neck without a gap in the front.

DIY rhinestone choker

Here’s the finished choker!

DIY rhinestone and feather chokers

These DIY choker necklaces are some of my new favorite chokers. Let me know which one is your favorite down below!

Suggested materials:
  • Crystal panel
  • Ribbon
  • Scissors
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