Transforming Broken Crockery Into Keepsake Pendant

Susan Goode
by Susan Goode
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2 Hours

I love working with old vintage broken crockery and all the vintage English designed ceramics are so delightful to breathe new life into.

Old crockery

Recent bargain buy box. I choose a few pieces I think will make nice shaped pendants. Using wheeled tile nippers and protective eye goggles I begin to cut and shape the pieces to the size I want.

Cutting china

Slowly and carefully I nibble at the ceramic pieces until i get shape I like.

Cutting and nibbling

When I’ve got some pieces roughly the shape it’s time to sand smooth edges with a mini hand held drill with carbide stone. This whizzes around the sharp pieces and smooths it all in no time.

Mini hand held sander

I also drill a hole into the china using a diamond tipped drill piece and keep the tip cooled in between drilling into the ceramic with water .

Drilling holes

It’s slowly slowly drill into china for a count of 5 and rest to cool for count of 5 too. Otherwise the tip burns out and this helps preserve.

Drilling the china

At last I have a piece I’m happy with and all that I need to do is choose a silver bail to loop into the hole to thread the chain into . It just pinches either side of hole and I use round nosed pliers to squeeze into place .

Round nosed pliers

Just thread chain through and I choose a sterling silver snake chain.

so happy with the results!

Rose china pendant
Rose china pendant
Suggested materials:
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  • Snake chain silver   (Amazon)

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Susan Goode
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  • Mrs B Mrs B on May 21, 2021

    Beautiful! Do you use some kind of a clear sealer to protect the design? I have a box of odds and ends I have been saving knowing someday I would find a use - this is it!!

    • Susan Goode Susan Goode on May 21, 2021

      Thanks and no sealer as I haven’t painted the design it is part of the crockery I just cut it out!