How to Make a Wire Ring for an Irregular Shape Stone

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20 Minutes

Today I will be showing you how to make a wire ring with a setting for elongated or irregular stones. If you’re new to jewelry-making, this is a great beginner project. It’s very simple, and the result is very elegant. So let’s get started, and happy crafting!

Tools and materials:

  • 6.4 inches of 20 gauge (0.8 mm) wire
  • 10 inches of 26 gauge (0.4 mm) wire
  • Irregularly-shaped stone
  • Chain nose pliers
  • Wirecutter
DIY wire ring


Begin by wrapping the thicker wire around a narrow cylinder to get the shape of the ring. 

Make a wire ring

How to make a wire ring


Next, fold the thin wire in half, and place it over the center of the ring.

Basic wire ring


Wrap one end of the wire over the top of the ring, and gently squeeze it into place with chain nose pliers. 

Easy wire ring

Wrap and squeeze

Continue wrapping and squeezing the wire until you’ve gone around the top of the ring eight or nine times, creating a flat base for the stone.

Simple wire ring


Once you’ve created the base, cut any excess thin wire. 

wire ring tutorial


Lift the ends of the thick wire, and bend them across the top of the ring.

Insert the stone

Insert the stone underneath the bent wires, and wrap the ends of the wire around the stone to secure it in place.


Continue wrapping the wire around the stone in a spiral shape using your fingers or chain nose pliers.


Cut off the excess at the end of the spiral.


Use chain nose pliers to adjust the placement of the wires, until it is to your liking. 

You’ve created a gorgeous ring! Enjoy wearing it and showing it off. 

I hope you found this wire ring tutorial helpful. Which stones will you be using to create your own DIY wire ring?

Suggested materials:
  • 20 gauge wire
  • 26 gauge wire
  • Irregularly-shaped stone
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  • MariaG MariaG on Jun 23, 2021

    You showed so much detail in your steps. Especially the freeze frames of the video. I have a few broken necklaces with those type of stones. I am confident I could do this. Thanks