Refashion Duvet Cover Into an Overalls Jumpsuit

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Hey everyone! This tutorial will take you through how to make an Overalls Jumpsuit from Scratch. I used an old duvet cover (100% cotton) to make this. No pattern needed and it's beginner friendly! If you're ready to sew with me, let's get into it!

Fold Fabric

I folded my fabric so that I have enough for a 13" width. The length is 44", I'm making use of the entire length

Overalls Jumpsuit

Then I marked 3 inches inwards at the top of the folded edge

Overalls Jumpsuit

Then marked 5inches inwards from the other end

Plot Crotch Measurement

Then I measured from where the jumpsuit will sit on my chest to my crotch, mine is 22inches. Then I marked that on the folded edge

Connect measurements

Then I connected the 3 inches measurement at the top to the crotch measurement. Making sure to curve the crotch area.

Plot measurement

On the non folded edge, I marked 11 inches downwards

Connect measurements

Then connected that in a straight line to the 5inches mark I did earlier

Leg Area of Jumpsuit

Moving to the bottom part of the jumpsuit - I marked 5 inches inwards from the folded edge

Final step

Then I connected the 5 inches mark to the tip of the crotch area. This is the final step for the front piece

Cut Pattern

Then I proceeded to cutting out my front pattern

Back Piece

For the back pattern, the width is different by half an inch - to allow extra half an inch for the back crotch area. The length is the same.

This is what I did for the back pattern

  1. At the top, on the folded edge I marked in 3.5 inches
  2. Then I marked crotch measurement which is 22 inches
  3. Then I connected the two measurements just like the front piece
Overalls Jumpsuit

Then I marked 6 inches inwards from the non-folded edge

Overalls Jumpsuit

Then I marked 11 inches downwards and connected this to the 6inches point.

Cut back pattern

At the bottom, I make 5.5 inches inwards from the folded edge and connected this to the crotch - just like I did for the front piece. After this, then I cut out the back pattern,

Sew From Top to Crotch Area

Once I finished cutting the patterns, I then pinned the jumpsuit pieces from the top to the crotch and then sew. Repeat for the second piece.

Hem Pinafore Area

Then I opened up the pieces and hemmed the pinafore area of the jumpsuit- both front and back

Add Pocket

Then I added a pocket to the front piece

Pin Front and Back Together

Then I pinned the front and pack piece together, at the side seams and the crotch. Then I sewed everything together.

Hem Legs

Then I hemmed the legs and attached straps.

Straps Added

Straps are 15 inches long

Final Product

Thank you for stopping by. I hope you have been inspired to turn an old piece of fabric into something fabulous and useful. Feel free to ask questions in the comments below and let me know how you get on trying to make yours icon

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