Two Piece Set Thrift Flip Makeover

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Almost nothing is more on-trend than a two-piece set! I am totally obsessed with a good two-piece because it is a whole look on its own. I love taking old, forgotten clothes and giving them a new life which is exactly what I did in this upcycle. I thrifted an old blazer and totally refashioned it into the most stunning two-piece set. Check out this thrift store clothing makeover!

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Two-piece skirt set

Tools and materials:

  • Sewing machine 
  • Overlocker
  • Iron
  • Lining fabric 
  • Fabric scissors
  • Seam ripper 
  • Needle and thread
  • Sewing pins 
  • Invisible zipper 
  • Fabric marker 
Use a blazer

This is the gorgeous blazer that I worked with to create a new two-piece set. When I initially decided what I would be doing with the blazer, I had wished that it was bigger so that I would have more fabric to work with but I do love a good challenge and it worked out perfectly. 

Sketch ideas

Plan the upcycle 

I decided that I would be cutting the skirt from the front piece of the blazer so that I could keep the original buttons for the skirt. I kept the hem of the blazer so when I cut I didn’t have to add any seam allowance. For the skirt, I used the original lining of the blazer because it was attached to the hem. 

Sketch bodice pieces

For the top of the two-piece, I decided to use fabric from the sleeves and the back piece. The sleeves had a cool notch detail that I decided to incorporate. I would use one whole sleeve and then cut the other into two. For the back piece, I used the top part of the back of the blazer. I just wanted to add that for the top, I used some cotton that I had on hand as the lining to give a little more structure than the blazer’s original lining. 

Cut the front and back pieces

Sew the skirt 

To kickstart this upcycle, I cut the two pieces that I would make into my new skirt. 

Make a hole

As I mentioned before, the lining fabric was attached across the hem but I did seam rip a little at the edges because had to create a hole that I would flip the skirt through later. 

Sew the layers

First, I pinned the silk layers along the sides and sewed. I then did the same for the lining fabric. 

Cute two-piece set

Next, I pinned the silk fabric and lining fabric, right sides together, and sewed across the waistband. 

Turn out the skirt

To finish the skirt I had to turn it right side out which I did by flipping it through the hole I had left. 

DIY two-piece set

I quickly went ahead and hand sewed that small hole closed. 

Sew a two-piece set

Once I buttoned up the skirt, I realized that because it was the bottom of the blazer there weren’t enough buttons and it felt a little too risque for me. I took a button from the top of the blazer and hand sewed it on to both layers of the fabric. This wouldn’t be a functioning button but it would hold the bottom of the skirt closed. 

Cut the bodice pieces

Sew the bodice 

Moving on to the top, I cut out all the pieces I would need. 

Add lining

I went ahead and sewed the cotton lining onto the underside of the top. I left the lining on the center section a little shorter because I wanted to keep the original hem. 

Serge raw edges

I sewed the bodice pieces together and serged all the raw edges so that they wouldn’t fray. 

Attach the zipper

Attach the zipper 

Next, I started attaching the zipper to the bodice. I pinned and sewed on the zipper in place to finish off the bodice. I sewed it on so that the top part is connected and the bottom opens so that I would be able to put the top on over my shoulders. I also hemmed the top and bottom. I just folded the fabric over and topstitched it. 

Cut strips

Sew the straps 

To make the straps, I cut out 1 inch wide pieces of fabric that I still had from the blazer. 

Press the middle fold

I folded the strip of fabric in the middle and pressed. I then folded and pressed the rest of the strip. 

Fold the bottom edge

I then took the bottom edge and folded it up to that center line and pressed. I repeated the same process with the other edge. I then folded the strip in half and pressed

Upcycled two-piece set

I sewed across the strip with a straight stitch to create the strap. I folded in the ends so that there wouldn’t be any raw edges. Once I had made the first strap, I went ahead and made 3 more. 

Pin and sew the straps

I pinned the straps to the top and sewed them on with my sewing machine. 

Easy two-piece set

Who would believe that this two-piece set was once a blazer? I am so obsessed with this set! Let me know what you think about this thrift flip makeover in the comments! 

Suggested materials:
  • Sewing machine
  • Overlocker
  • Iron
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