How to Sew Your Own Jumpsuit - A Glamorous Outfit for a Holiday Party

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In this tutorial, I’m going to show you how to sew your own jumpsuit. I was inspired by a gorgeous gold jumpsuit by Reformation (see below), but the price tag was $230! Instead, I decided to fashion my own DIY jumpsuit sewing pattern and make my own version, which cost me just $15.

This sexy and glamorous DIY jumpsuit is the perfect party outfit for the upcoming festive season. Follow this how to sew a jumpsuit tutorial to see exactly how I made my new velvet party piece and the steps to make your own too!

Tools and materials:

  • Velvet fabric
  • Sewing machine
  • Fabric marker
  • Measuring tape
  • Pins
  • Thread
  • Scissors
  • Seam ripper
  • Elastic
  • Bobby pin
Drafting a DIY jumpsuit sewing pattern

1. Make the DIY jumpsuit sewing pattern

For the top part of the DIY jumpsuit, fold the fabric and pin the edges.

Measure 50cm (19.68”) width, which is half of your hip size + 4cm (1.57”). Then, measure and mark 42cm (16.53”), the length from my shoulder to the belly button.

Note that these sizes may differ for you, so be sure to measure yourself first. 

Making a DIY jumpsuit sewing pattern

Divide the rectangle in half by marking the center of the width line and drawing a line across. 

Measuring the DIY jumpsuit sewing pattern

Mark 9cm (3.54”) on either side of the centerline. This opening will be for your neck. 

Marking the DIY jumpsuit sewing pattern

Draw a line from these outer points downward. 

Measuring the shoulder line

Mark 6cm (2.36”) from the 9cm (3.54”) markings on either side; this is the width of the top at the shoulder line. 

Measuring the armholes

Measure 28cm (11.02”) from the shoulder mark downward. This will be the armhole. 

How to make a DIY jumpsuit sewing pattern

Connect the two marks and draw a curved line. 

Connecting markings on the pattern

Mark 2cm (0.78”) at the top of the curved line and connect it to the adjacent line. 

How to make a jumpsuit from scratch

Draw 3cm (1.18”) inward from the bottom sides of the top and draw a line to connect the two. 

Drawing the jumpsuit pattern

Connect the top of these lines to the bottom line. 

Elongating the sides

Make the top a little longer at the bottom, by about 3cm (1.18”). Then, elongate the side, diagonal lines. 

Cutting out the DIY jumpsuit sewing pattern

2. Cut

Cut out the pattern.

Two pieces for the front and back bodice

Cutting the neck area of the front piece

You should now have two pieces. Cut the neck area of one of the pieces. 

Measuring at the shoulders

Measure 2cm (0.78”) from the shoulder seam and cut to make it shorter at the back. 

Drawing a line down the center of the back

Draw a straight line down the middle of the back piece. 

Curving out the back neckline

Mark 2cm (0.78”) from the top centerline and draw outward lines from that point. Draw a curve and cut it out, including the middle centerline.

Marking the back piece

3. Sew the bodice

Pin the back pieces, mark 15cm (5.90”) from the top, and sew from that point downward. 

Hemming the raw edges of the back piece

Fold the raw edges inside and sew. 

Pinning the shoulder seams ready to sew

Connect the front and back parts at the shoulder seams and sew to secure. 

Cutting out velvet fabric for the bias tape

4. Sew the bias tape

Cut two long rectangles measuring 3 x 60cm (1.18” x 23.6”). 

Pinning the bias tape to the neckline

This is the bias tape for the front and back neckline. Pin as shown. 

Tip: Watch my video from 7:28 to see exactly how I fold and create the bias tape. 

Pinning the side seams ready to sew

5. Sew the side seams

Pin the side seams and front, middle parting, and sew to secure. 

Measuring the size of the jumpsuit pants

6. Draw the pants pattern

Now, fold your fabric and measure 1.5 x ½ of your hip size. Mine was 70cm (27.55”) in length. Then, measure your desired length. 

Measuring and marking the jumpsuit pants

Mark 12cm (4.72”) from the width line, upward. Then, draw a straight line across. 

Drawing the pattern for the jumpsuit bottom

Then mark 30cm (11.81”) - the width from your belly button to your crotch. 

Connecting the markings with a curved line

Connect this mark to the top line with a curved line. 

How to make jumpsuit pants

On the opposite side, mark at 8cm (3.14”) and draw a straight line across. 

How to sew a jumpsuit from scratch

Then again, mark 30cm (11.81”) and join the lines with a curve. 

Tip: The width between the two crotch lines should be half of your hip + 4cm (1.57”).

Cutting out the jumpsuit pants pattern

7. Cut out the pants

Cut out the pattern. 

Pinning the crotch seams of the pants

8. Sew the pants

Pin the seams of each crotch area and sew. 

Pinning the inner seams of the pants

Turn the pants sideways and pin the inner seams. Then, sew to secure. 

How to sew a jumpsuit tutorial

9. Assemble the DIY jumpsuit

Mark 3cm (1.81”) from the bottom of the top. 

Pinning the top and bottom of the jumpsuit

Pin the top and bottom together, making sure the seams align. 

Creating a tunnel for the waist drawstring

Fold the top fabric of the pants inside the top, and pin both layers at the 3cm (1.81”) mark you just made. This will create a tunnel for the drawstring. 

Sewing the jumpsuit bodice to the pants

Sew the top and bottom lines.

Creating casing for the waist elastic

10. Insert elastic into the waist

Now, create the casing for the elastic and feed your elastic through the casing. Watch my video from 14:14 minutes to see how I do this. 

Tie fabric for the DIY jumpsuit

Cut a long rectangle that's 3 x 160cm (1.81 x 62.99 ”). This will be the tie for the jumpsuit. 

Sewing the jumpsuit tie

Fold the strip in half, pin, and sew to secure. Then, turn it inside out.

Opening the waist with a seam ripper

Inserting the tie into the waistline

Open a hole in the middle of the waistline and insert the strip. 

Hemming the bottom of the pants

11. Hem the bottom

Hem the ends of the DIY jumpsuit by folding the fabric twice inside. 

DIY gold velvet jumpsuit

Sew your own jumpsuit

Sew your own jumpsuit tutorial

That is how you sew your own jumpsuit! What do you think? I love this DIY velvet jumpsuit and the eye-catching gold color. I think this is perfect for parties during the festive season or all year round! 

Let me know what you think of this tutorial and the final result in the comments below.

Suggested materials:
  • Velvet fabric
  • Sewing machine
  • Fabric marker
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