Knit Your Wardrobe: The Musselburgh Beanie Knitting Pattern Review

Caley Vitella
by Caley Vitella
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20 Hours

If one of your goals for 2024 is to start knitting your own clothing or accessories, then do I have the project for you! I just finished crafting the Musselburgh Beanie from Ysolda Knits using Knitting for Olive Merino yarn in the vibrant Red Currant shade, and let me tell you – it's a match made in handmade heaven!

The Musselburgh pattern is a joy to work on, with clear instructions and a rhythmic stitch pattern that keeps things interesting. Plus, the finished beanie? Pure customizable perfection as you can wear it long for a slouchy look, or turn up the brim for extra coziness!

The techniques required to knit this beanie include knitting stockinette stitch, working with DPN's, M1R & M1L, knitting front to back (kfb), and working decreases. The beanie itself it knit as one long tube that folds in on itself, result in an extra plush hat perfect for these cold winter days as we wait for spring.

However, there are two main reasons I'd highly recommend the Musselburgh Beanie pattern from Ysolda Knits:

  1. Because the pattern is worked in all stockinette (aka, knit stitch) you never need to purl!
  2. The pattern is worked in a way where you don't have to gauge or make a test swatch. Rather, you gauge your stitches while working on the project, so you can use whatever yarn you want!

Speaking of yarn – Knitting for Olive's Merino in Red Currant is a dream. The color is so rich, and the yarn itself is incredibly soft. It's like knitting with a cloud, only cozier! I also love the breathability of wool. So while it will keep you nice and warm all winter long, it will also stay cool during those warmer spring days, giving this beanie longevity in your wardrobe.

Why recommend both? Well, aside from the fact that my head has never been happier, making your own clothing is a super creative and sustainable choice. You get to express your style, and it's a small victory against fast fashion.

So, grab those needles, dive into Musselburgh, and let your creativity soar – one stitch at a time! Happy knitting, friends!

Suggested materials:
  • Musselburgh beanie pattern   (ysolda knits)
  • Merino yarn   (LA Mercerie)

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