Ways to Keep Your Legs Warm That Aren’t Black Tights

Kastle W
by Kastle W

Oh winter, so many fashion challenges. Whenever the weather turns cold, it’s just so easy to reach for that puffy jacket and black leggings. Then I wonder why I fall into a style slump and feel completely unmotivated to put together cute outfits.

This year I set out on a mission to find alternatives to those winter clothes that EVERYONE seems to wear. Give me style! Give me color! I discovered you don’t HAVE to wear black leggings with everything. There ARE alternatives! So I bring you ways to keep your legs warm that AREN’T black leggings!

Colored Leggings

Yes, leggings come in more colors than black. Where has this tip been all my life? I literally have a drawer full of black leggings and never thought to even look for other colors! But a whole rainbow awaits, and they will jazz up your outfit. Colored leggings are a great option if you like to wear a lot of color or even just neutrals. You won’t see those black leggings dragging your outfit down. Here, some festive pink leggings brighten up this look.  Shop colored leggings.

Colored Tights

On those days when it’s not freezing cold, opting for lighter tights instead of leggings is a good choice. Again, I used to ALWAYS wear black. Why? Who knows, but I discovered just like with leggings, they come in colors, people! So I got a few in the colors I wear most often, and viola, my outfit is much more stylish. And it’s super fun to create monochrome looks using several shades of one color, as seen here with navy and royal blues.  Shop colored tights.

Sweater Tights

Did you know tights come in different textures? This was news to me. You can literally find sweaters for your legs – search for ribbed, cable knit or even Fair Isle and a world of stylish, warm legs will open to you. Here, some creamy ribbed tights are warm and a great neutral that adds texture and style to any outfit.  Shop sweater tights.

Go Nude in Winter

No, not totally nude! But you can go nude with hose, tights or leggings, depending on how much warmth you need. It gives the look of wearing bare legs (I miss you, summer!) without freezing your kneecaps off. Here I have on some basic nude pantyhose, and you can even double them up for extra warmth.  Shop nude tights.

And did you know tights and hosiery can be recycled? So if you get a run or snag, don’t throw them away! Be good to the planet and contact a place like  Simple Recycling to give that material a second life!

Now that you have some options to keep your legs warm that aren’t black tights, which will you try first?

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