1 Jogger Suit Styled Casually, for Work and Date Night

Lindsay Ramcharitar
by Lindsay Ramcharitar

Being home for almost a year now has definitely changed my wardrobe a bit. I have gone from constantly buying work wear (blouses, pants and heels) to buying sweats, sweats and some more sweats. This outfit I recently found at my local Kmart is amazing. It is so soft and the color is great for the upcoming seasons. If you don't have a local Kmart near you, I know Target or Old Navy has some cute options for matching jogger sets.

Because my closet now mostly consists of joggers or jogger sets, I knew I needed to get creative with how I styled them. So I decided to put together some collages on how I would style them for a casual day out, if I had to go back to the office or even if my husband and I ventured out for date night.

For the casual looks, I went with 4 options. The first look I kept the set as a whole and added some cute embellished slides to jazz it up. Next I styled just the top; I threw on some cute distressed jeans and a pair of booties. This elevates the casual look a bit without going over board. For the third look, I paired the joggers with a basic white tee, denim jacket and sneakers. This look is put together and cute but also very comfortable. Lastly, I went with a more athletic look by throwing on a black long sleeve top to pair with my leopard/cheetah sneakers and tied the sweatshirt around my waist. In all of these looks, you can switch out any of the shoes for something else, whether it is a pair of sandals, slides, flats, sneakers, booties .. the list goes on.

Now if I had to go back to the office, I am not sure I can dive right into getting dressed up again so being able to incorporate my jogger sets into my work wear looks is ideal. I styled the pants 2 ways and the sweatshirt 1 way but I definitely could have done more.

For the pants, I paired one look with a very pretty white camisole, blazer and heels. The blazer is long enough to cover the bum and can even close to cover the strings in the front. For the other look, I added a chambray top and over sized cardigan with some flats. This is classic look because you are comfy yet stylish and work appropriate. You can only front tuck the shirt if you want but the cardigan is long enough to cover your back. I so wish my white button down was dry cleaned because that would have been an easy piece to style with these pants.

Now for the top. I decided to keep this look simple. I tucked the sweatshirt into black slacks, threw on a black blazer, leopard belt and some heels. Depending on your work environment, this might be a little harder to pull off than the pants but I think keeping the majority of the look professional allows for you to get away with it. You could also tuck the sweatshirt into a midi skirt and add a cardigan or jacket over as well.

Date night: who doesn't love to look great but also be comfortable? I mean I would rather be in sweats and eat my heart out than be in something that only allows me to eat a string bean. Again, I went with two looks for the pants and 1 for the top.

For the top, I tucked it into my favorite pair of black jeans, added simple booties and classic pea coat draped over my shoulders. You can swap out the booties for a printed shoe (which I LOVE) or some heels or even flats if that is your style but by adding the coat draped over your shoulders, the look is more elegant.

For the joggers, one look I paired them with a black body suit, a black blazer draped on my shoulders and a cute pair of leopard sandals. You definitely do not need the blazer but I always get cold so I like to have something with me. The other look I did classic heels and an off the shoulder top with a statement necklace. Two super easy looks but both have a sexiness to them.

Hoping this tutorial helps you realize there are more ways to wear an item in your closet. I know most of us are more into lounge wear now a days so hopefully this gives you inspiration to step out and change up your basic look. If there is anything else you would like to see styled multiple ways, let me know. For more outfit inspiration, follow me on Instagram @SimplyStyledCloset.



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  • Just J Stylin Life Just J Stylin Life on Oct 04, 2021

    Ok, I love ALL of these outfits! And this set is super cute. I'm definitely saving this for inspiration. Thank you so much for sharing!

  • Leona Gow Leona Gow on Sep 29, 2022

    The sweat pant is needs to be a little slightly baggy not up the crotch otherwise cute