An Easy Game Day Outfit

Stephanie Rivoli
by Stephanie Rivoli

Okay friends, it is officially Fall! That means cooler temps, pumpkins, apples and football! I know not everyone is a fan of football but I have recently become a fan in the past few years, to be honest it was when I finally figured out how the game works, and I have to say it really is fun to root for your favorite team(s) whenever they are on TV. That also means that there is lots of fun and cute gear and outfits that come along with it! Here is my go-to game day outfit.

Any game day outfit is not complete without some sort of shirt, sweatshirt or jersey that shows your favorite team. For me, a sweatshirt is key because they are the ultimate comfort and with the temps getting colder they are so cozy!

Keeping with the cozy vibes, a hat is very acceptable when putting together a game day outfit. Also, hats come in handy when your hair isn't coming out the way you want you can just throw a hat on icon

If you are headed out anywhere you will want a comfortable pair of shoes to pair with your outfit and to match with the cozy vibes. A white pair of shoes work so well with so many outfits and this is one of those!

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