Style Your Faux Leather Sweatpants: 5 Ways to Look Glamorous

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Faux leather sweatpants are as comfortable as pajamas yet they look so chic and stylish. This is an essential item that can be styled in so many ways for different occasions! Also, these cost me just $20! What an amazing bargain. Styling faux leather sweatpants have never been so simple! Take a look at some of my looks below!

Brown faux leather sweatpants

Style faux leather sweatpants

Look 1

This is a light, feminine look. It can be worn out, to the office, or even to special events. Pair your faux leather pants with a lovely, satin printed top. Here I opted for a print with different shades and tones. The print top I am wearing has a classic burgundy and aubergine tone to it, and I paired it with wine-colored heels. Looks great, right?

Styling faux leather sweatpants

If you are in the fall season, add a lovely trench coat to add a layer to this look. This looks clean-cut and oh so stylish! Who would have ever thought that $20 joggers can go this far?


You can also pull your faux leather sweatpants just a little to give them a more urban feel.

Faux leather sweatpants style

Look 2

Wear a cozy, plush, and oversized jumper with your faux leather sweatpants. This one is really a no-brainer look. Not only will it keep you warm but it looks great with the neutral tone. Here, I wore a cream-colored jumper, and I like how it creates a contrast. This outfit literally reminds me of a warm cup of coffee and looks great in the Autumn season! Tuck your jumper loosely in the front and pair it with closed ankle-length shoes. Here I wore oxford shoes with heels.

Basic faux leather sweatpants style

Look 3

This look is as basic as it gets. It’s great to wear on a normal day when running errands or on the weekend while you are out and about with friends. Wear a simple, white v-neck t-shirt and tuck it in under your faux leather sweatpants. You can choose whatever style of t-shirt that suits your body type. For me, V-neck is the way to go! Pair this outfit with lovely white sneakers and you have yourself a trendy look!

Women’s faux leather sweatpants

You can also take this outfit up a notch by wearing a lovely, fitted plaid blazer. This style will look great for work or a lunch date.

Easy faux leather sweatpants style

Look 4

The next look can go several different ways, depending on what you own. Here, I am wearing a shell, basic blouse with a tie in front. It has lace detail, ruffles, and a lovely off-colored neutral tone. Tuck in your sweatpants to give it a nicer edge. From this style, you can dress it in several ways; like wearing a blazer or a trench coat.

Women’s faux leather sweatpants style

Here I have added a white cape blazer with cute metallic sandals. I love how it looks, and I love the color combination.

Wear a black turtleneck

Look 5

I’m leaving the most popular for last- black! Who doesn’t love black? It goes great with everything. I love this look because it’s versatile. We are going to build it up. So, put on your turtle-neck jumper, and let’s style this baby!

Pair with ankle heels

Pair this look with some lovely black, semi-open ankle boot heels. The boots give off an informal yet classy impression.

Wear sunglasses

Add some black, trendy sunglasses for a more chic, modern feel.

Wear a stylish hat

Hit all the marks of sophistication with a stunning hat. You can also ditch the heels and go for a loafer shoe to add a casual twist.

Now you have 5 different style-inspirations to wear with your women’s faux leather sweatpants. It’s easy, it’s basic, and seriously glamorous! You can buy faux leather sweatpants anywhere, and bonus points if you get them at a great price!

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