1 Plain White T-Shirt - 6 Cute T-Shirt Outfits to Elevate Your Look

Bisa Styles
by Bisa Styles

Looking for cute t-shirt outfits? A plain white t-shirt is a staple of every woman’s wardrobe, that trusty backbone we always know we can rely upon. But sometimes, we fall into the trap of always styling it in the same way, falling back on the same outfit time and time again.

In this style guide, I’m going to show you six different ways to style a white t-shirt so that you can add some variation to your looks.

Simple t-shirt outfit ideas

1. T-shirt and jeans

As I’m sure you know, nothing is more classic to wear with a white t-shirt than a pair of blue jeans. I’ve opted for a pair of skinny jeans in a dark wash, but you can choose any cut and color you like. The options are endless.

Jeans are easily dressed up with heels, so here I’m wearing a strappy white pair.

How to wear a knotted t-shirt

2. Double knot

In this variation, I’ve tied a double knot at the waist of the t-shirt to cinch it in and add a bit more interest to the look. A trench coat drenched over the shoulders makes the outfit look oh-so-chic, and a little black bag is the perfect finish to the outfit.

White t-shirt outfit with bright yellow pants

3. Bright pants

Next up, I’ve paired the t-shirt with a pair of bright yellow pants and the same trench coat as before. The yellow and the beige work really well together because they are analogous colors.

To make the outfit look balanced, I’ve added a fedora hat which is the same color as the coat, and a pair of heels the same color as the tee. It’s always good to coordinate different elements in an outfit.

Plain white t-shirt outfit ideas

4. Easy denim

Here, I’ve gone for another fault-proof denim combination with a pair of cropped light wash jeans.

I threw a shirt over the top of the t-shirt because black and white are the best of friends, and then to add a pop of color to the look, I’m wearing a pink belt. This is such a basic look that’s perfect for everyday wear.

How to dress up t-shirt outfits

5. Floral skirt

Here, I’ve gone for a floral wraparound skirt with a sexy slit at the front for a bit of feminine flair. As this skirt has quite a bold print with many different colors in it, the plain t-shirt balances it out, and the two pieces complement one another.

I think that a top with a lot of detail on it would be a bit too much and could also detract from the beauty of the skirt. 

How to style a white t-shirt

6. Printed jacket

Last but not least, I’ve fallen back on my trusty jeans and have paired the outfit here with a long printed jacket. I really like the contrast between the tight fit of the jeans and the loose jacket.

Jeans and a white tee are really a blank canvas that allows you to throw in a bit of print, and that is what I’ve done here.

Cute t-shirt outfits

Those are my six looks for you. I went with the same pair of white heels in all of the outfits because I think that wearing shoes the same color as your top can look very attractive, all the more so when you’re working with a neutral color.

If heels aren’t your thing, though, you could opt for a pair of sneakers instead. You be you. I hope that you’ve found my style guide helpful, and I hope you have fun styling your white t-shirt.

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