Make Any Lipstick Transfer-Proof: 3 Ways to Prevent Lipstick Stains

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Does your lipstick leave ugly stains on your glasses or collars?

Today I'm going to show you three different ways to make any lipstick transfer-proof. Keep your lipstick put so it doesn't budge, it doesn't stain, and best of all it will last for an entire event or party without transferring.

Whether you're hugging people, you're eating something, or drinking something it's not going to transfer.

Tools and materials:

  • Lipstick
  • Lip sealant
  • Lip stain and sealant combo
  • Lip mask
lip sealant

1. Lip sealant

The first way you can stop your lipstick from transferring is by using a lip sealant.

Applying pin lipstick

First, apply lipstick. This is all I used to do; just apply the lipstick and attend an event only to realize that it has transferred.

Applying lip sealant over lipstick

Lip sealant does have a strong smell to it (at least for the first couple of minutes after you apply it). It's also very drying on the lips as soon as you apply it, but once it dries out you'll be fine.

Apply it like regular lipgloss. It has a brush like a nail polish brush. Let it dry for a couple of minutes and your lipstick will be set.

How to prevent lipstick stains

Test it on white paper to see that it doesn’t transfer at all. You can use this with any lipstick. 

Lip stain

2. Lip stain

Next up is using a lip stain rather than lipstick.

Applying lip stain

A lip stain is comfortable on the lips and feels really soft and flexible. It's a two-step process: apply the base and then apply the shine, which is the sealant, but acts like a gloss.

I used to avoid wearing glosses, especially to events, because they would wear off quickly and I would have to keep touching them up. 

Transfer-proof lipstick hack

Simply wait for it to dry for a couple of minutes. If you test this with the paper again you can see it does not transfer.

Peel-off lip mask

3. Lip mask

To use a lip mask product, apply the mask, peel it off, and it will leave a lip stain that will last the entire day.

Applying the peel-off lip mask

Step one is to apply the lip mask. Note that the color of the mask will not be the final color. The mask is a deep blue, but the stain will be the color on the package.

Make sure to apply a good coating of the mask all over your lips. I personally like to apply 2 to 3 layers, so the lips are completely covered and there's no natural skin or lips peeking through.

Once you apply the mask, let it sit on your lips. For a softer color let the lip mask sit on your lips for about 10 to 15 seconds, and then peel it off. If you would like a bolder color, wait for about 45 seconds.

Spraying the activator

The second step is to use the activator which comes in a small spray bottle. All you need is a small amount to be able to remove the mask.

Peeling off the mask

You’ll experience a mild tingling sensation on your lips for a couple of seconds, then you can peel the mask right off.

Tip: if you want to remove any of the lipsticks that I showed you today, you can just massage some coconut oil or olive oil on your lips and wipe it off. Then rinse off your lips.

Make any lipstick transfer-proof

Make any lipstick transfer-proof

Those were three ways to make any lipstick transfer-proof. You no longer have to worry about getting lipstick stains on a glass or on your collar.

Let me know if you've ever tried out products like lip stains or sealants before, or if you plan to try them out, in the comments below.

Products used:

Suggested materials:
  • Lip sealant
  • Lip stain and sealant combo
  • Lip mask

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