Make Your Own Crochet Flower Choker (Beginner Friendly)

Melissa Radford
by Melissa Radford
3 Hours

This beginner friendly crochet pattern is the cutest accessory to add to your wardrobe right now! It can be completed in less than a day and only uses basic stitches. I've been seeing tons of flower chokers styled lately and love the style. It's the perfect feminine touch to any outfit, plus when you make it yourself it is even easier to customize it to your own personal style.

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Here are the supplies that I used. You will need:

To make the flower, I followed the pattern as described in the following video:

Here's a brief summary of the pattern as well!

  • chain 50
  • skip the first chain from the hook, then half-double crochet 49 times
  • chain 5, then turn the work
  • double crochet into the first stitch
  • skip 2, then place a double crochet into the third stitch, chain 2, then place another double crochet into the same stitch
  • skip 2, place a double crochet into the third stitch, chain 2, then place another double crochet into the same stitch
  • repeat the previous step until the end
  • chain 3, then turn the work
  • note that there are now "v" shaped holes
  • place 8 double crochets into the first v shaped hole
  • slip stitch into the next v shaped hole
  • repeat the previous two steps until finishing on the last hole
  • in the last v shaped hole, place 13 double crochets

You will notice that this forms petal-like shapes to create the flower. Once finished, you can either glue the flower together or stitch it with your darning needle. I chose to stitch mine together. Carefully roll up the petals first to determine how tight or loose you would like them to be before stitching.

To make the choker portion of this project, I did the following:

  • make a slip knot, create a foundation chain at the desired length you prefer for your neck length
  • working back, slip stitch along the foundation chain
  • when finished, leave a portion of yarn as the tie
  • stitch in an equal length of yarn as the tie on the other side

The last step is to attach the flower to the choker portion. Simply stitch the flower on with your darning needle. I made mine slightly off-center because that is the style that I like best.

Here is the finished piece! The great thing about this pattern is that there are so many ways to customize it to your preferences. If you're looking to create a smaller flower, then simply adjust the pattern and reduce the number of petals. There is also the option to create a thicker choker band, the possibilities are endless. Let me know if you try this out! Also let me know if there's another accessory I should try making next.

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