Quick & Easy Glam Makeup for a New Year's Eve Party

Shonagh Scott
by Shonagh Scott
10 Materials
10 Minutes

This tutorial covers quick and easy makeup for a New Year party. I’m going to show you a nice festive look that is very glam and perfect for Christmas and New Year. Follow along as I break down the look step by step to make it easy for you to follow.

Tools and materials:

  • Foundation
  • Makeup brushes
  • Face blender
  • Concealer
  • Contour
  • Eyeshadow
  • Gel eyeliner
  • False lashes
  • Lip pencils
  • Blush

I'm using products by Crownbrush, but you can use your own preferred makeup to create a similar look.

Applying foundation with a brush

1. Foundation

Use a flat top brush to stipple your foundation on. I’ve gone for a slightly darker color than my natural skin tone to give me a bit of added color.

Applying concealer to the face

2. Concealer

To add some dimension to your face, choose a light concealer shade to highlight underneath the eyes. That is just going to brighten that area and draw more light to it, which adds more dimension to the face, making it look less flat and one color.

Take that highlight down the center of the nose, the chin, and the forehead. 

Blending concealer with a makeup sponge

3. Blend

Then use a face blender to blend the concealer in. Bounce the sponge over all the areas you’ve used the concealer to highlight, and this will blend it in seamlessly to your foundation.

Blending contour with concealer & foundation

4. Contour

To make the contour look a bit more natural, I’m mixing two brown shades with my highlighter concealer shades. When I blend this onto my face, it won't be as harsh as using the two dark brown shades on their own.

Apply that color to the cheekbone area, either side of your nose, and around your hairline. Then, using that face blender again, bounce that over the top of the contour color to make it more seamless and blend it into the foundation.

Blending some color into the eyebrows

5. Eyebrows

Take an angled liner brush and blend some color into your eyebrows. As this look will be more about the eyeshadow, you don’t want the eyebrows to be too full-on.

Highlighting underneath the brow bone

6. Highlighter

Mix the two lightest shades from your concealer palette, then take the color underneath the eyebrows. This will create a nice clean line and will also highlight your brow bone.

Applying brown eyeshadow

7. Eyeshadow

Take a warm brown eyeshadow and apply that color all over the mobile eyelid. Towards the inner corner of the eye, take the color up towards the brow.

Apply the eyeshadow from the outer corner of the eye, going up parallel with the tail of the eyebrow. The highest point of that brown eyeshadow should be in line with your pupil, touching your eyebrow.

You want to pack the color on, then soften those edges with the blending brush.

Applying deep eyeshadow to the outer corner

Next, take a deep bronze plummy shade. Apply the color again from the outer corner of the eye, up at an angle towards the brow so that you’re in line with your pupil, then soften.

Turn the flat shader brush on its side and pull the color up at the outer edge, and this will form a nice straight line from the outer corner of your eye. Soften it with a brush.

You only want to place this color on the outer third of the eye, going up towards the brow.

Blending dark and light eyeshadow shades

Next, we’re using a metallic dusty pink shade. Use a flat-sided brush to apply the color and go from the inner corner of your eye to the middle.

Then, using a fluffy brush, work it over the middle of the eyeshadow, feathering the colors together.

Glam New Year eye makeup

Go back in with the bronze shade and deepen that outer color, pulling the color out and then up towards the brow. Use your fluffy brush again just to soften those edges.

The next eyeshadow you’re going to use is a deep graphite color. Push that shade along the outer corner of the eye, and then as it comes onto the mobile eyelid, it’s just darkening that outer lash line.

Use a makeup brush to create a nice sharp wing at the outer corner of the eye.

Lining the lower lashes with eyeshadow

Using your angled liner brush, take that dark plummy shade underneath the lower lashes, then run a brush underneath to help soften the color and help to smoke it out.

How to apply gel eyeliner

8. Gel liner

Next, take your black gel liner and liner brush and take it across your top lid from the inner corner to the outer corner and wing it out.

Tightline underneath the top lashes and also take it along the waterline. On the inner corner near the tear ducts, create a small point with the fine liner brush.

Applying false lashes

9. False lashes

Next, apply some false eyelashes.

Brushing highlighter onto the cheekbones

10. Highlighter

Place some highlighter on the tops of your cheekbones.

Applying lip pencils

11. Lips

Use a red lip pencil around the circumference of your lips and over the entire lip surface. Over the top of that, apply a wide lip pencil in pearly pink.

Applying a pink-peach shade of blush

12. Blush

For blush, I went in with a pinky/peachy shade, but you can go for whatever shade you prefer.

Makeup for a New Year party

Makeup for a New Year party tutorial

There we have our finished look. The shiny eyeshadows and lip pencil make this a great makeup look for the festive season.

Remember to be as precise as you can when applying makeup because this will really pay off and ensure that your look is seamless. 

New Year glam makeup ideas

Products used

  • Crownbrush face makeup and brushes
  • Chubby Lip Pencil - Vegas Nights
  • Maybelline Gel Liner - Black
  • Subculture Lip Liner - MAC
  • Love Joy Blusher - MAC
  • Lash Boutique Eyelashes - Lorna
Suggested materials:
  • Foundation
  • Makeup brushes
  • Face blender
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