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Is your face super dry just because of the season?! Me too! Try this tip for making the most out of your makeup foundation routine in the colder and drier months. Ready?! Let's do this!

This is my big tip! I add aloe vera to my face lotion to give it a boost of moisturizing power! I even add this to my hand lotion routine! Every little bit helps!

You can either mix the aloe vera and your face moisturizer in your hand and then apply it to your face or you can put it right on your face together as shown.

All you do it rub in the aloe and moisturizer until your face is fully covered. Don't forget to put some under chin and on your neck.

Now it is time to put on your foundation and I have seen other videos of people putting on their foundation in an upward motion because let's be honest, we don't like gravity! Every little bit helps!

Now that the foundation is complete and you can see the aloe boost with my moisturizer really helped the foundation glide onto my skin. I did not have any extra dry patches or pieces on parts of my face like I normally do even after I apply moisturizer by itself.

Here is the finished look! Very natural, like I don't have much makeup on icon

I hope you enjoyed this makeup tip with my new winter month best friend...Aloe Vera!!!

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