Soothe Your Stress & Pain Away! Try This Old Method. No Saw

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Hello everyone!

In this post fashion meets functional... Thought i'd share this good old fast way to relieve sore muscles, cramps an other pain you may suffer?

My hubby suffers Arthritis in both his knees. Today as been cold an he started complaining. I hate seeing my love one's in pain so i put this to the test..No sewing 😁 just a knot an a cotton sock your essential oils, long grain rice.

It really is this simple..

Everything i needed to make the heat bag:

The socks were new and cotton.

So i had all i needed.

*You will need a sock 100/cotton Or 50/50 poly/cotton would work fine.

*essential oils

* 3 mugs long grain rice white or brown

*jug (optional)



Mixing the essential oils to the rice

I used this long jug an rolled the sock over the top

So i could easy pour my rice inside the sock

The cup i used is a mug below

Giving a good mix. Let it stand a few mins.

This was after i added my oils.

Be sure to give a good mix after useing each oil.

I used

* 20 lavender drops

* 11 peppermint drops

* 4 mugs of rice

Stretch the sock over your jug. To pour your rice without any mess..

Once i was happy with the rice. It all went into the sock making sure i had enough space to tie a knot to secure my rice from falling out.

Tie you knot. Making sure it's tight.

Pull the knot tight. This allow's you to add extra essential oils in the future just undo the knot.

To clean use a vacuum cleaner. Never water!

*To heat you place 1/2 a cup of water in a cup on a plate

lay the sock on the plate

Around the cup.

Heat in the microwave in

1 minute intervals.

Shaking the sock between intervals of heating.

To get a even heat throughout the sock.

Untill it is the desired heat you need.

In total this sock took five minutes in total to heat throughout

The water will evaporate an help's hold the heat in longer.

This is good old pain relief for knee pain, neak pain, period pain,

Even headaches.

The oils I used do have medical perpose.

Peppermint has antibacterial, antiviral, and anti inflammatory properties which help with pain.

Thank you for reading

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  • 11 peppermint drops   (home)
  • 4 mugs of rice   (home)
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  • Rose Rose on Apr 06, 2022

    This is awesome...,..I am going to make a couple of these for my hands....I had something like this a long time ago I bought but misplaced it ....thank you for your easy