How to: Style Gold, Gray, and Black Clothes

This tutorial is all about embracing femininity. We are focusing on black clothes styling, gray clothes styling, and gold clothes styling. If you’re looking to get down to the basics of your beauty, join me!

Style black clothes

Black blazer 

For the first outfit, I’m showing you guys something a little more business appropriate. My top is a really simple gray t-shirt. Any basic gray tee would do. I’ve paired it with a chic looking black blazer and added some gorgeous pops of gold with the accessories. I put on this chunky black and gold necklace, gold hoops, and a fun gold bag across my chest. For the bottoms, I got a little creative with some leggings and sweatpants. I put on black sweatpants over black leggings. The leggings peek out on top and bottom and create the illusion of a slimmer waist and longer legs. Then, I added that with a pair of black pumps to complete the look! 

How to wear black clothes

Keep it casual 

For the second outfit, I’ve kept the same chunky necklace and earrings and added a gold watch. Then, for the top, I put on a simple black tank top and covered it with a quilted jacket. I switched the black bottoms of some gray leggings and traded the pumps for black Nike sneakers. Because this is a more casual look, instead of a purse I went for a backpack. I find backpacks to be easier to travel with and more appropriate for a casual look. 

How to style black clothes

Let’s get dressy 

This outfit is a great example of how dresses don’t need a season - it’s all about how you style them. In this case, I kept on the same sleeveless black shirt and black leggings for warmth. Then I put on the summer dress and layered it. I added a black belt with a gold buckle to give me some shape, and a gold clutch for a pop of color. Finally, I am wearing a gray coat and a pair of knee-high pointed black boots. I love a good boot with a dress, if you ask me it is what makes this outfit winter appropriate! 

Black clothes styling

Business casual

Coming back to the blazer for a more business-like look, but this time I’ve paired it with a ruffled top and some lightly distressed gray jeans. Then, I added a pair of gray snakeskin shoes and switched my gold hoops out for some classy studs. Next, I added a gold watch. I decided to wear the backpack with this outfit too, for a more practical bag. This outfit is a favorite because of how functional and fashionable it is! 

I hope this tutorial helped give you some ideas on gold, gray and black clothes styling. I’d love to see some of the unique combinations you guys come up with! 

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