Don't Ruin Your Jacket Sleeves, Do THIS Instead

Chloe Aicha
by Chloe Aicha
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Do you love fashion hacks? Keep reading. Many of us tie our jackets around our waists like this, but we need to stop.

How not to tie your jacket

Tying our jackets like this can put excess force on the sleeves, causing wear and tear and ultimately meaning that our jackets might not last as long as we would like them to.

Here, I’m going to show you an alternative technique where you get the same result without the damage. 

Folding and wrapping

1. Fold and wrap

First, fold your jacket in half by tucking the bottom section under the top.

Then place it across your back, going under one shoulder and over the other.

Folding front

2. Fold front

On the front, cross the vertical sleeve over the horizontal one.

Wrapping ends

Then wrap the end of the horizontal sleeve around the vertical one and tuck it under.

Fashion hack

Fashion hack

Here is the finished look. This is a much more gentle technique that does less damage to the sleeves because instead of tying them together, we’re essentially folding one over the other and tucking it under.

I also really like the asymmetrical appearance of this method, with the jacket going over one shoulder and under the other.

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